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Dh is exempt! But what about me??

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whatthefluich Fri 10-Jul-20 10:41:23

Due to the nature of dh's job he is exempt from having to quarantine whenever he travels....but what about me?? If he comes home to me then am I exempt too or do I quarantine?? I'm so confused 🤷‍♀️

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TheTeenageYears Fri 10-Jul-20 10:43:47

If he's not required to self quarantine when he returns home then there's no way you can be expected to however if you travel with him you will need to follow the rules relevant to you, whatever they might be.

whatthefluich Fri 10-Jul-20 10:44:41

Thank you @TheTeenageYears that makes sense I suppose. 👍

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notimagain Fri 10-Jul-20 10:50:27

Has he been given any formal advice by his employer - we had fairly detailed instructions?

I'm in the same position as your DH, I don't have to quarantine, neither do the family, but I do tend to try and social distance to some extent from the nearest and dearest on return from work from the first few days.

FWIW if you are in the UK he may be eligible to self-refer for government CV testing and that eligibility extends to anyone resident in the household if they are symptomatic.

whatthefluich Fri 10-Jul-20 11:12:49

We are not in the U.K. but he works in the U.K. and other countries. I don't know what details he has had really he has just informed me that he is exempt, I'll ask more details when he gets back.

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Horizons83 Fri 10-Jul-20 11:13:08

The only person who needs to quarantine is the person who has travelled, not the family members (although in your husband's case he does not have to anyway).

So if he goes off on a trip to the US, you do not need to quarantine if you stayed at home.

If you went on holiday with him to the US, when you got home he would not need to quarantine (due to his work), but you would because you (I assume) are not in the exemption list.

However, my understanding is that the exemptions are only in relation to what that person does when they are inside the UK - nothing to do with the reason for the trip.

So you could both go on holiday to the US and when you get home he does not need to quarantine (because his work is deemed crucial to the operation of the UK and therefore overrides the normal requirement for quarantine) but you would have to because your employment/reason for entering the UK is not on the exempt list.

Disclaimer: I think I am right on that but would not suggest anyone relies on it!

Horizons83 Fri 10-Jul-20 11:14:30

Oh hang on.. all of my advice is assuming you are a UK resident.

Surely it depends on where you live? Each country will have a different approach.

whatthefluich Fri 10-Jul-20 11:18:40

@Horizons83 it's messy because we live in one country but he is employed through a U.K. company but works IN another country and also works in conjunction with a company from an entirely different country. But I'm presuming he goes with the rules of the country we live in when home and they say he is exempt from quarantine.

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namechange30000 Fri 10-Jul-20 11:22:46

I've looked into this too as my husband works for a global offshore company and has been offshore for the last 2 weeks. He can be sent anywhere. He due home in a weeks time and doesn't need to quarantine when he's back from work I'm assuming I don't either.

notimagain Fri 10-Jul-20 11:23:45

* Each country will have a different approach.*

Agreed Horizon, I'd also assumed (stupidly) we were talking UK..

From what I have seen some countries have been exempting some essential workers who have to travel overseas from quarantine on return to their country of residence, others have been subjecting them to some form of quarantine/stay at home order..

The OP/OPs DH needs to check the local rules, and any many specific advice/orders/notice from to the employer involved.

whatthefluich Fri 10-Jul-20 11:23:46

@namechange30000 sounds like a very similar situation 👍🤣

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Horizons83 Fri 10-Jul-20 11:31:35

Yes, it will totally depend on each country's rules.

So your husband will need to check the rules of all the countries he is visiting, AND your home country. You will need to check your home country's rules for your own personal need to quarantine.

I would be very surprised if your home country insisted you quarantined if you have not travelled anywhere, but that would be entirely up to that country as to how they want to play it.

sergeilavrov Fri 10-Jul-20 12:26:19

This sounds similar to my situation, but I live in a Middle Eastern country and travel. They determined that our families would have to quarantine, so I elected to quarantine myself away from them as I have two under 5s who it is more difficult for. They came up with these rules when I was due to return, so things can change quickly.

whatthefluich Fri 10-Jul-20 12:42:28

@sergeilavrov oh lord I don't think that's the case here but there's o way he could quarantine away from us right now (we have young dc too) so I guess we'll just lay low for a while anyway.

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