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Weird balls appeared from nowhere

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Happymummy8888 Fri 10-Jul-20 01:34:08

I clean EVERY day wipe work tops down twice a day after cooking so I know my kitchen. Today while wiping down I found around 15 small grey balls behind the utensil holder. What could they be? I called my partner to get them as I was scared they were eggs lol but he said they were more like polystyrene we looked at ceiling and walls no damage. They weren’t near a window so couldn’t have blown in...there was no droppings (mice) as I was worried maybe they were carrying them off somewhere I am baffled?!

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Monty27 Fri 10-Jul-20 01:39:50

Mice droppings

Happymummy8888 Fri 10-Jul-20 01:42:25

No they were grey balls like proper sphere shaped

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TW2013 Fri 10-Jul-20 01:44:43

Slug eggs?

Shatteredconfidence Fri 10-Jul-20 01:44:50

I find these in my kitchen too! Sorry, no idea what they are ...

TenShortStories Fri 10-Jul-20 01:45:46

They sound spidery to me sad Hopefully not though.

AncientRainbowABC Fri 10-Jul-20 01:47:28

Butterfly eggs? Have a look on Google images.

Lalala205 Fri 10-Jul-20 01:48:20

A picture would help a lot 😀

BreakfastAtLitanies Fri 10-Jul-20 01:55:14

It's insulation most likely smile

cabbageking Fri 10-Jul-20 01:55:56

Slug eggs

BreakfastAtLitanies Fri 10-Jul-20 01:55:57

Google image search "insulation balls" and it's probably them! They get everywhere!

JennyWreny Fri 10-Jul-20 01:56:13

Silica gel packet that has split?

cabbageking Fri 10-Jul-20 02:03:17

cabbageking Fri 10-Jul-20 02:04:04

Image of slug eggs

ActuallyItsEugene Fri 10-Jul-20 02:08:42

They're not the silver balls you get to decorate cakes are they?
I spilled a pot once and was finding the fuckers for ages.

Emmmie Fri 10-Jul-20 02:12:45

Maybe termite eggs

Emmmie Fri 10-Jul-20 02:13:09

Or termite droppings

steff13 Fri 10-Jul-20 02:16:56

A picture would really help here.

DamnYankee Fri 10-Jul-20 02:17:00

It's not your housekeeping skills, I promise.
No droppings?
Spiders. Their eggs sacs are exquisitely round and perfect. We discovered a lot when we removed some planks from our wood deck to make repairs.
Time to spray...and then take an hour walk to let everything settle.

cosycatsocks Fri 10-Jul-20 02:18:43

Aliens. Tiny aliens.

DamnYankee Fri 10-Jul-20 02:18:52

Termite eggs look like rice. Not spherical.
Good luck!

Mychitchatdays Fri 10-Jul-20 03:04:20

It's insulation. My old home was drilled and filled with the balls. You can still find them around the place especially when it's been really windy they litter the street outside.

isabellerossignol Fri 10-Jul-20 03:25:25

Sounds like insulation balls. Do you have a vent through the walls where the extractor fan goes out or something like that, where there might be a gap?

Itsazooonheretoday Fri 10-Jul-20 04:12:28

I really want to see the balls

CiCiFreakingBabcock Fri 10-Jul-20 04:32:36

Like bean bag balls do you mean?

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