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To be pissed off that im being used and patronised

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Alisonjabub Wed 08-Jul-20 08:58:19

What you need to do is line another job up then, thats the only way you'll get a pay increase. No manager worth their salt is just going to give a pay increase if they don't have to, but if you are valued to them, then its a case of you saying "give me a pay rise or else".

calmcoolandcollected Wed 08-Jul-20 08:46:25

Take the work, then use that and the other work you are doing to find a new position where you'll be able to advance in the way you wish.

Jullilora Wed 08-Jul-20 08:18:24

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violetbunny Wed 08-Jul-20 08:16:58

How is it that you have "no choice"? Is your current role being made redundant? Or are they changing the scope of your current job description?

BrummyMum1 Wed 08-Jul-20 07:09:35

(My previous message was based on the fact I work in a profession where we don’t have a union.)

BrummyMum1 Wed 08-Jul-20 07:03:13

Just smile and nod, take the new position in area x and look for another company to work for.

essexmum777 Wed 08-Jul-20 06:24:19

you might find that if you don't switch they will make you redundant - my company use that as a way to get people to switch into different roles.

Monty27 Wed 08-Jul-20 05:41:22

Union rep straight away.

Dita73 Wed 08-Jul-20 05:34:27

Just a thought but could they be subtly trying to tell you that you’re not great at the job you’re doing now?

chatwoo Wed 08-Jul-20 05:10:43

you're saying the 'X' job is a step down from where you are now, but is more demanding and should be paying better (but isn't)?

Sunshineboo Wed 08-Jul-20 04:11:59

I would talk to your union rep. If you are female and there are males doing the same job on a higher band, you may have an equal pay claim. The mention of this may persuade them to review position. I say may - it is unfortunately a buyers market at the moment in terms of jobs.

I hope at the least they give you the higher rate.

FortunesFave Wed 08-Jul-20 04:02:29

I thin your union rep would have something to say about this. I would definitely speak to them.

k1233 Wed 08-Jul-20 03:07:40

Counter if you have no choice but to do the role then they need to pay you the appropriate rate, not take advantage of you and under pay you.

I'd definitely talk to someone - union if you have one - about what your rights are.

UnagiTime Wed 08-Jul-20 02:39:40

Ultimately it was left at you have no other choice, exact words.

Would anything get done if this was something that i spoke to union rep about?

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Durgasarrow Wed 08-Jul-20 02:27:38

I understand why you are dissatisfied, and I agree with you that it is unacceptable to do a job that no one else wants to do for less money than other people have done it for in the past. Stick to your guns.

UnagiTime Wed 08-Jul-20 02:18:36

No its not in line with 'X'

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Mnhealth202020 Wed 08-Jul-20 02:09:12

Is the salary they are offering you in line with the general salary for X or less?

UnagiTime Wed 08-Jul-20 02:00:01

I've asked for a payrise and told they no longer do that as an incentive for that role. I know they can but wont.

In terms of what i want to do, its more a case of i want to progress to the next payscale. Im well aware that im over qualified for what i currently do. The interview for the job would have enabled me to move to higher pay bracket

Doing 'x' is more demanding and actually a step down for me.

There is a market for what i do however the level does vary and thoses top level salaries are had to come by or snapped up very quickly.

I dont think it was my inflexibility, infact i actually think it was my flexibility that was picked up on and my just get on with it attitude.

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k1233 Wed 08-Jul-20 01:35:55

I hate the "you're lucky to have a job" comments. To me they sound like a threat - do what we want or else you won't have a job.

It's up to you. I used to do a highly skilled, very technical job. Did it for nearly a decade, ended up despising it. Moved to another aspect of the same profession. Also very good at this. If they tried to make me go back to my prior role I would refuse. I don't want to do it. Just because it may help the business, I would be utterly miserable. I've made a conscious choice not to do that work, even though I was well progressed on that career path.

I think you are well within your rights to say no. You've made a conscious choice not to be in that field and, as expressed in the interview, your interests lie in another direction. You would love to discuss opportunities in that direction, but unfortunately field X isn't for you and would be better filled by someone with passion for that area.

UnagiTime Wed 08-Jul-20 01:34:51

*no choice

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GinDaddyRedux Wed 08-Jul-20 01:18:04

There's also perhaps a piece here around personal brand. How do you view yourself in the company and as a future leader? Do you feel confident to ask for more money if you took on this role? im not prejudging the answers just genuine thoughts.

GinDaddyRedux Wed 08-Jul-20 01:16:05

Hi @UnagiTime sorry to hear this dilemna.

You work in a current role, you applied for a different role and didn't get it, but your CEO is suggesting you move into a second different sector unrelated to your current role.

The question is, do you think in the current marketplace (people are still hiring so genuine q) that you'd be able to find a new job doing what you want to do, and carrying on your specialism?

Is your specialism one that you want to stick to religious in your career in order to progress to where you want to? Or would doing role X actually give you more breadth and experience as an employee, carving out different and potentially more senior roles later on due to your breath of operational experience?

I realise I'm going to get flamed for this, but I'm just wondering if perhaps the inflexibility may cost you an opportunity. If you're simply "solving a problem for the CEO" and this isn't for you, then fair enough. But it would be interesting to hear if other people in the company have worked across different sectors, sat in different areas for periods of their career. If you did X, what could it lead to?

Goosefoot Wed 08-Jul-20 01:07:23

Might be a good time to ask for more money if they want you in that role so badly.

Mnhealth202020 Wed 08-Jul-20 01:05:18

Sounds like your company doesn’t value you; they’re not wanting to help you with your growth in the area you want, nor will they raise your salary with the proposed role like they have with others

Might be a good opportunity to look for a job elsewhere?

UnagiTime Wed 08-Jul-20 00:56:17

Applied for a inhouse role, but did not get it. However what was noted was my expertise in 'X' (relevant but unrelated to the role i was applying for) and it was questioned in depth during interview especially by CEO, i went on to add 'X' was not an area i wanted to focus my career on hence why I applied for the new role.

Prior to all this we had a reshuffle in the dept and an email was sent out outlining the change. There was a lot of commotion amongst staff and many were unhappy, I was ok didnt really bother me where i was placed, as its still the same job.

So back to current time. I was called in by one of my managers and told there would be a further reshuffle of a select few because more emphasis was needed in 'A', and therefore my name was put forward to moving to a dept specalising in 'area x'.

When asked what my thoughts were, as if its just a suggestion. I simply said its not one id like to take on, regardless of my expertise in it, its not specific to area 'x' and there are far qualified individuals to do it in the dept. She then tried to sugarcoat the whole situation and really sell it to me by saying if you dont like it we can change you back. My answer was still the same no. She ended it by telling me dept 'x' manager will speak to me to explain more.

Long story short after 5 various people trying to convince me but to no avail, i got a call from ceo asking what the problem was with me doing 'x' , i calmly said theres no problem but my choice is not to take it on as i was told its just a suggestion and i had a choice. Ceo then said you have ample expertise in 'x', the same thing she pinpointed in my interview, and just quite bluntly said theres choice. No extra pay regardless of how skilled i am in 'X'. Previously extra has been awarded.

The same job in 'X' was advertised last year as a skilled job, very few applied and those that did got the job.

So basially im just annoyed im being asked to do something that is not actually my job but has come to hia attention from an interview he never gave me a job for.

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