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My fault that someone's dog ran across the road?

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Heathercob Tue 07-Jul-20 10:14:10

This morning I was taking Sally for a walk and there was a family who were walking two golden retrievers on the other side of the road. I stopped to pop pick and one of their dogs saw Sally and ran across the road in front of a car (luckily the car stopped in time)!
The Woman then proceeded to tell at me saying that I shouldn't have been stood there, that it was my fault that her dog ran across the road and asked me whether I was trying to get her dog killed!

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LovingLola Tue 07-Jul-20 10:14:46

She’s a fool

Foxinsocks1 Tue 07-Jul-20 10:14:58

No she’s ridiculous.

mencken Tue 07-Jul-20 10:15:32

dog ownership does seem to attract the really stupid, and the 'it is all someone else's fault' brigade. This silly cow is one of them.

if you see her again and she bleats again, just tell her that it is her responsibility to keep her dogs secure and under control. Many dog owners don't see it that way.

StylishDuck Tue 07-Jul-20 10:15:31

I suspect she just got a massive fright and lashed out. It's obviously not your fault and I'm sure she'll realise that once she calms down.

cologne4711 Tue 07-Jul-20 10:15:47

Idiot. Maybe she should keep her dogs on leads!

Greysparkles Tue 07-Jul-20 10:15:48

Well obviously the woman was BU, she was probably just scared that her dog almost died and lashed out

bluebells1 Tue 07-Jul-20 10:16:02

She’s an idiot. Ignore and move on.

nettytree Tue 07-Jul-20 10:16:14

Nope. It's the other dog owners fault for not having it on a lead.

Persiaclementine Tue 07-Jul-20 10:16:17

She should be in control of her dog, so no not your fault and completely ridiculous to say other wise

Gettingthereslowly2020 Tue 07-Jul-20 10:19:47

She was probably in shock and looking for someone to blame (instead of herself!)

You didn't do anything wrong unless you're some kind of pet superhero, in which case, of course you should have stop the car and returned the dog to its owner before flying off into the distance

therealkittyfane Tue 07-Jul-20 10:21:39

Well she’s obviously an idiot.

julybaby32 Tue 07-Jul-20 10:23:54

It's not as if you even had a choice about where your dog pooped! She's probably yelling because the thing that some people never forgive you for is them being in the wrong where other people can see it.

Potionqueen Tue 07-Jul-20 10:24:23

Looking at the voting there are a few idiots about this morning - 14%. Yanbu. Her dog - up to her to control it.

Potionqueen Tue 07-Jul-20 10:24:53

Gone down to 7% now!!!

JoeCalFuckingZaghe Tue 07-Jul-20 10:28:06

Does she expect her morning walks to be 100% free from distractions? I would have given her a right mouthful. It shocks me how many irresponsible and useless dog owners are about. I’m forever having to dodge them, our dog is reactive and really nervous of other dogs and I’m fucking sick of dogs running up to him when he’s on lead and spooking him. There needs to be a licenced test for dog ownership.

MsVestibule Tue 07-Jul-20 10:29:55

Some people my mum automatically look to blame somebody when they do something wrong. I bet she's like that. She panicked, lashed out and probably feels a bit silly now. Think no more about it.

HouchinBawbags Tue 07-Jul-20 10:31:55

Even if you had been standing across the road slapping your thighs shouting, "Come here doggy! Come here!" And whistling, it STILL wouldn't have been your fault she wasn't controlling her own dog! Bloody eejit she is. I hope she got home and felt like a right dickhead about her stupid outburst.

EatsShootsAndRuns Tue 07-Jul-20 10:36:47

She shouted because she had a shock and knew she should have had her dog under control but it's easier to yell at someone else.

Panicmode1 Tue 07-Jul-20 10:38:24

UM. What?! I imagine that she was reacting in fear - but that's no excuse really. You are 100% not U. She's totally in the wrong - twice - once for shouting at you and more importantly, not having her dog under control.

(My GR once vaulted the fence between the edge of the park (which we were in) and onto the road, chasing a squirrel - she almost got killed by a car coming up the hill, which had to brake REALLY hard to avoid her. It was a horrifying moment and the woman in the car rightly yelled at me. I wouldn't have dreamt of shouting at the woman for daring to be driving up the road, which is what this would equate to!).

Cauterize Tue 07-Jul-20 10:40:30

I don't think I'd have been able to stop myself from giving her a mouthful.

Shock or not, she was behaving like an entitled imbecile.

SantanaBinLorry Tue 07-Jul-20 10:43:54

She's cray cray. Probably feels a bit of a fool now. Pay it no mind.

eosmum Tue 07-Jul-20 10:45:46

I had similar from a gobshite whose dog was off lead in the park and mine was on lead, his dog attacked mine and it was my fault for letting my dog look at his. You can't argue with stupid.

DrPatient Tue 07-Jul-20 10:46:43

@mencken dog ownership does seem to attract the really stupid
It's ironic that you're calling a whole class of people stupid when you're the one making a remarkably ignorant statement.

contrmary Tue 07-Jul-20 10:48:31

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