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to expect br gas to stop ringing me for days on end ....gggrr!!

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bubblepop Thu 27-Sep-07 10:04:00

they've obviously got a new sales team ... after days on end of ringing me 4 times a day i finally could'nt stand it any longer and picked up the phone, no i don't want to renew my homecare agreement thankyouverymuch. its a con, your engineers are rubbish, could'nt even fix a simple fault,the list goes on.

then what happens this morning? br gas ring again...would i like to take out my electricty with them? no i would'nt. question after question of my reasons for i can't be bothered..i hav'nt got time for this please go away!!!!! aaaaaaaggggghgrin

derlor Thu 27-Sep-07 10:16:06

they had been calling me loads as well angry
i just kept saying "can you just hang on a minute?" then just walking away from the phone - went back 5 mins later and they're gone grin
they've not phoned me now for about 2 weeks wink think they got the message.

iliketosleep Thu 27-Sep-07 18:00:08

your lucky, they owe me 300 pounds worth of overpay and ive been ringing THEM every week since april angry god help them if they ring me wink

glitterchick Fri 28-Sep-07 10:06:25

I just tell these people I'm the babysitter and can't take the call.

ledodgy Fri 28-Sep-07 10:11:19

OH They've been doing the same to me too! In the end they caught me in a strop the other day I'm having the windows done and am in chaos. I shouted at him saying 'you've rang me everyday at the most inconvenient times. I don't want British Gas and if I did i'm perfectly capable of going online and arranging it myself. Please DO NOT ring me again!' He said sorry and hung up quick sharp. grin

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