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To ask to sit down at work?

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Lemononachair Sat 04-Jul-20 01:01:57

Have recently started a new job, very happy about this as I've been furloughed since March.

I've done 5 shifts so far and for 4 of those I've had intense pain in my left leg - sometimes the hip and/or ankle, sometimes the actual leg muscles too but it's primarily and most extreme in my knee. It seems to be a very deep, 'nerve' type pain within the knee itself which seems to radiate up and down the leg. Had no issues with my knees before this and my right leg is fine!

Job involves being on my feet all day and lots of walking around. 10hr shifts at the moment.

I've tried taking painkillers but nothing so far is helping and it's beginning to affect my ability to walk. I'm going to get a knee support and see if that helps but Wibu to ask if I can sit down at work when it's not busy? I don't want to be seen as lazy especially in such a new job but the pain is really intense and although it's not very busy right now, we are about to enter a potentially busy time at work. I don't think I'll be able to cope if I'm walking around on it all the time.

What should I do?

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inthethickofit19 Sat 04-Jul-20 01:06:35

Speak to your GP and try and find the cause?

Auldspinster Sat 04-Jul-20 01:07:52

Sounds like sciatica, ive had something similar before.

Floralnomad Sat 04-Jul-20 01:08:16

Can you actually do the job sitting down ?

Lemononachair Sat 04-Jul-20 01:12:10

No, I wouldn't be able to work from sitting down, I would have to just sit when there's no work to be doing. Normally I'd be walking around doing extra jobs or assisting someone else in another area if there wasn't anything to do in my section.

GP appointments are really hard to get right now (understandably) and I'm not sure they'll give any sort of urgency to a sore knee 😞

I though sciatica was in the back? Shows how much I know!

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CoRhona Sat 04-Jul-20 01:40:24

I would strongly expect they will say no. I would.

If, when you're not busy now, you go and help someone it somewhere else but are suggesting that instead you sit down and don't do that...doesn't make business sense to agree.

CoRhona Sat 04-Jul-20 01:41:09

*or not it

Littleposh Sat 04-Jul-20 02:03:11

I have never had any job, either stood or sat, where I would be able to spend large parts of the day doing nothing at all!! There surely must always be tasks that need doing, cleaning/tidying etc?? How do you think your co-workers are going to feel if you spend all the time that they are still working, sat down??

For the record, I have arthritis in both ankles and am in almost constant pain if I am on my feet all day. Either look into the problem and try to fix it, or find a new job. It is completely unfair to expect others to carry you

Biancadelrioisback Sat 04-Jul-20 02:15:28

I agree with the above I'm afraid.
You can ask but they can say no. It will breed hostility between coworkers if you're sat down while they work and they'll be less likely to come and help you when you need it.
Try and get a GP app. Everyone is finding it hard to get one but if you need one, you need one! If it hurts that much that you can't do your job, then you need to see the GP.

rosiejaune Sat 04-Jul-20 02:21:44

Have you tried wearing barefoot shoes? Even flat mainstream shoes do not support our physiology properly, and effects go a lot further than the feet.

QuestionableMouse Sat 04-Jul-20 02:30:00

Many workplaces wouldn't find barefoot shoes acceptable though.

What job do you do @Lemononachair?

Sciatica pain can go down your leg. You need an appointment with a GP but in the short term are you standing with more weight on one leg?

EmperorCovidula Sat 04-Jul-20 02:55:43

Are chiropractors open? I know someone with sciatica who saw a chiro and finally got sone relief that way.

AppaDappa Sat 04-Jul-20 02:59:49

Pay to see an osteopath. They will assess you and be hands on from the first appointment. Many GPs will prescribe painkillers and tell you it will get better in time. Maybe they would refer you for physio which you’d wait ages for and then they won’t be hands on and give you a sheet of exercises. Don’t stay in pain needlessly. If I were you I would see the GP to log it but also call local osteopaths tomorrow.

WineAndHobnobs Sat 04-Jul-20 03:24:11

Maybe it's a case of just getting used to it?

Porridgeoat Sat 04-Jul-20 03:28:26

Chat to your boss. Reasonable to request to sit down when not busy

Devlesko Sat 04-Jul-20 03:49:05

This is like my dsis she's almost doubled up at the end of her shift, but she has to do what the job entails and if they gave her a seat everyone would want one.
get checked out at the docs, but might just mean you have to get on with it.

Lemononachair Sat 04-Jul-20 09:51:01

I work in hospitality @QuestionableMouse. Normally there is always something to do, yesterday we were very quiet so I was helping out in the front of house, in the deli, organising shelves, etc in and around doing my own work. I would still want to do this but just try to sit down and rest it if there isn't something urgent that needs doing.

Every job in my industry is the same so getting a different job won't help - I have tried to get different types of job in the past but with no joy. Given the circumstances right now there are loads of hospitality jobs so that's what I have to go for.

I really don't want to be lazy and let everyone else carry me as I'm not like that at all. I always pitch in and go above and beyond because we are all a team and I like to help out. I'm just really struggling with the pain.

Unfortunately I don't have any money to pay anyone privately at the moment, since I won't get my wages until the end of the month I'm still living off my furlough money. I will look into them though for when the time comes.

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Lemononachair Sat 04-Jul-20 09:52:27

Also, thank you for the suggestion about shoes, I don't think barefoot ones would be suitable for safety reasons but I could look into some insoles or similar which might help in the meantime.

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nettytree Sat 04-Jul-20 09:55:36

It may be that your just not used to being on your feet for so long. I did 12hr shifts on my feet., when I went back after mat leave, I could barely walk after the first day.

DartmoorChef Sat 04-Jul-20 10:04:34

It's just getting into the new job. You will get used to it.

Lemononachair Sat 04-Jul-20 10:08:58

I did think that, because I've been off work for so long, that it would just be my body getting used to the long hours. My body aches everywhere, which I did expect and was prepared for - it's just the really intense pain on one side that I've never experienced before and it has thrown me a bit.

I really hope it does improve quickly because I can't imagine being able to do 50+hrs a week all summer with it being like this!

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LeJollieJauneOiseau Sat 04-Jul-20 10:13:35

I've had similar after being at home for so long, it's just going to take time for all of us to get used to being so active again.

If you asked me for a chair then the answer would be no, everyone else would start asking for chairs to sit on and not do jobs that can be done when not with customers.

OlivejuiceU2 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:14:45

Try looking into Pilates or exercises you can do at home, this would be the best thing long term. GP will prescribe painkillers to begin with which is just a short term solution.

I’ve worked in hospitality for many years and I understand being on your feet for up to 12 hours is tough, but I can’t see them agreeing to a chair or extra breaks if you’ve not tried yourself to help with the problem (through exercises and strengthening).

Mabelface Sat 04-Jul-20 10:19:59

What shoes are you wearing? You might need ones with more shock absorbion. Docs or skechers would help enormously.

QuestionableMouse Sat 04-Jul-20 10:25:06

I found the memory foam skechers made a huge difference to my comfort. are what I wear.

Still think you need a doctor's appointment because it doesn't sound right.

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