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To always be disappointed by takeaways

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Turnedouttoes Fri 03-Jul-20 23:26:15

We’ve massively cut down on takeaways recently but as it’s a Friday I thought it would be nice to order one.

Got a Turkish from Deliveroo from somewhere close by with 4.7 out of 5 stars and it was just so disappointing. It was totally tasteless and verging on cold. I ordered a mixed hot starter selection instead of a main and it looked like something you’d get from the Tesco frozen section at Christmas.

Thinking back I can’t remember the last takeaway I really enjoyed and thought was worth the £30 spent with the exception of an Indian which I always love but DP not so much hmm

I think maybe I like the idea of it rather than the reality of feeling like I could have made something much tastier for a third of the price

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hunchicklove Fri 03-Jul-20 23:35:27

I agree entirely! They're all shite
I'd rather cook a stir fry or Thai curry from paste, coconut milk and chicken or prawn. In the time it takes to choose, get it delivered and pay silly money
There's no value for money
Our takeaways are usually wasted
Give are the days when you'd reheat next day or eat cold for a hangover breakfast blush

Notcontent Fri 03-Jul-20 23:36:02

I completely agree - I don’t really like takeaways and don’t usually get them. Then again, I find most restaurants disappointing too and usually stick to a few favourites. But at least when you go out you get the whole experience of dining out and the food is, hopefully, fresh and hot. Since the start of lockdown we have had a few takeaways but only from my favourite Pizza place and a Chinese that I really like. Otherwise I force myself to cook as I know it will be nicer and healthier!

Weetabixandcrumpets Fri 03-Jul-20 23:38:05

YANBU, I am disappointed too, but always seem to order the same thing regardless! Maybe I should pimp up my order. What delicious items has anyone ordered from the Chinese menu?

Starlightstarbright1 Fri 03-Jul-20 23:38:17

I tend to agree . I have had 2 since lockdown from my 2 favourite places. But other than that home cooked is better

UnderperformingSeal Sat 04-Jul-20 00:05:06

@Weetabixandcrumpets in my experience Chinese is consistently the worst of the takeaway experience, so I'd order something else entirely.

Leobynature Sat 04-Jul-20 00:09:26

I’ve taken to treating myself to very expensive ingredients such as scallops, king prawns or steak for DP. Even though it feels extravagant, it’s still cheaper and healthier than a greasy takeaway.

Pannacottaformeplease Sat 04-Jul-20 00:09:30

Whenever we get Indian it is so awesome - and if we get the set meal for four we get two nights out of it as there is so much. I can't describe how happy it makes me having such delicious food two nights in a row without having to do any cooking and minimal cleaning up. We get lots of veg dishes too so plenty of nutrition. Never been disappointed with our local Indian delivery service.

Davespecifico Sat 04-Jul-20 00:10:19

They’re never ever good unless they’re something like balti and naan. DP is obsessed with getting money off by setting up new Deliveroo type accounts. I was looking forward to our own lamb steaks, roast veg etc when he announced he’d set up an Uber Eats account meaning we had to have another cold tedious takeaway while he made pronouncements about how different and tasty it was.

hopingtobedally Sat 04-Jul-20 00:11:55

Ahh Mumsnet- where nobody ever enjoys anything other than a homemade mung bean and ricotta cassoulet

ssd Sat 04-Jul-20 00:12:23

Home cooked is better but I'm sick of eating food I've made.
There's a decent 3 in 1 near us, we got one for 4 the other week, 2 shared a curry, one got a margarita pizza, it was still £40!!!

ssd Sat 04-Jul-20 00:13:08


Ahh Mumsnet- where nobody ever enjoys anything other than a homemade mung bean and ricotta cassoulet

Yeah and the kids ask for more...

blue25 Sat 04-Jul-20 00:13:44

Depends where you are. We have some great ones near us in London. Also some crap ones though, which we avoid now.

Parents are more rural and they have no good takeaways nearby.

raffle Sat 04-Jul-20 00:14:11

Whaaaat?! Take away is the best! Ones round our bit are great. Can’t beat a special lamb sheesh kebab with all the salad and garlic mayo smile

PickAChew Sat 04-Jul-20 00:15:24

I only order takeaways that would be a faff to cook myself. Really good fish and chips. Only good quality Indian. No local Chinese that hits the mark. No local anything else that excites.

Sparticuscaticus Sat 04-Jul-20 00:16:48

Me too. The pizzas rarely have much meat on, the Indians are nice but meh ..(my DS cooks nicer ones), Chinese invariably makes one of us ill, and the only takeaway I find worth having is a kebab!

hopingtobedally Sat 04-Jul-20 00:16:51

@ssd the kids choose it over any McDonald's any day hmm

DieSchottin93 Sat 04-Jul-20 00:17:12

Our local chip shop does the best fish and chips for miles 😍 so I think it depends on the individual takeaway, some are rubbish but some are really tasty.

CalmYoBadSelf Sat 04-Jul-20 00:24:45

I'm sick of cooking but do find a lot disappointing. I have given up getting Indian since we got our first Tastesmiths pack to make home made curry but still have the occasional fish and chips

AllsortsofAwkward Sat 04-Jul-20 00:25:37

I've got gastroenteritis from a takeaway its put me off ordering any food in the future. I've never felt so poorly.

Appuskidu Sat 04-Jul-20 00:27:42


I only order takeaways that would be a faff to cook myself. Really good fish and chips. Only good quality Indian. No local Chinese that hits the mark. No local anything else that excites.

I had to check and see if I had posted that but had forgotten!

Completely agree on all counts!

Vodkacranberryplease Sat 04-Jul-20 00:36:20

Most takeaways are crap but an amazing Italian restaurant in nothing hill called osteria basilico is now (sometimes) on deliveroo. £16.50 for pasta with steak Ragu snd £26 for pasta with truffles. But oh. My. God. So worth it.

The good Chinese places are great - we got various dim sum. Gyoza etc that was lovely, and friend of mine in Finsbury Park gets incredible Korean from the place you can't usually get into (pre lockdown).

I have a few favourites but darent go too off piste as the vast majority of takeaways are rubbish. So I order from places I know as everything else is hit and miss and the ratings tell you nothing.

GellerYeller Sat 04-Jul-20 00:40:19

DH orders for delivery when hungry . It inevitably arrives, 90 mins later, lukewarm and sweaty in plastic or polystyrene, by which time he's ravenous, to be reheated before a post match analysis will pronounce it disappointing and not to bother in future. Within a fortnight the whole sorry saga will be forgotten and repeated.

StoppinBy Sat 04-Jul-20 00:42:55

Agreed I can cook so when I pay someone to cook for me I want good/excellent quality or I may as well put in the effort and make it myself.

The other night we had Chinese, we got

honey chicken that tasted like dish water and was super soggy to boot

pork and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce that had about 5 pieces of pork. It stained the bench pink even though I wiped the sauce up about 10 seconds after I spilled it. It tasted neither sweet not sour

and last but not least 'special fried rice' that was all dried out.

Total waste of money, if we hadn't gotten it from the other side of town I would have taken it back.

Clumsyduck Sat 04-Jul-20 00:46:34

I am in no way a “foodie” but honestly so many of the times I have got a takeaway and end up feeling it was really not worth it at all

I don’t get them very often and I Forget how shit they are And then regret wasting my money

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