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I've news that I can't really discuss with anyone

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GimmeAy Thu 02-Jul-20 00:16:41

I was referred for psychotherapy a couple of weeks after a very difficult conference call with my keyworker, care coordinator and psychiatrist where I had to call on all my strength to advocate for myself.

Today I found out that they will take me. The waiting list is 12 months but now in my early 40's, it's 30 years overdue. What the psychiatrist has referred me for is trauma therapy and has queried (not diagnosed) PTSD (along with a few other diagnoses).

I just wanted to tell someone, that I'm so happy to finally get this opportunity to maybe address my issues. My life has been one fuck up after another.

I can't really discuss it with family as the trauma relates to my family. So that's that really. Just wanted to tell someone. smile

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Tinkerbell1980 Thu 02-Jul-20 00:18:05

I'm happy for you, i hope you get the support you need flowers

Sparklesocks Thu 02-Jul-20 00:19:48

I’m glad you’re on track to getting the help you need flowers hope it all goes well

Shamoo Thu 02-Jul-20 00:20:30

Brilliant news! I hope it’s a real success for you smileflowers

GimmeAy Thu 02-Jul-20 00:21:00

Thanks Tinkerbell. They have emphasised that it's apparently tough going, so I'm going to be doing some CBT sessions in between times to prepare me I guess. I'll be 'right in the head' yet!!!

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Yeahnahmum Thu 02-Jul-20 00:21:20

Oh that sounds amazing. smile very happy for you. Make a countdown list. You have got help to look forward too. To get your life back. That is amazing news!

PastMyBestBeforeDate Thu 02-Jul-20 00:22:50

Well done on being your own advocate flowers You definitely made a big step doing that so hopefully they can help you build on that.

WeThreeKingsofOrientAre Thu 02-Jul-20 00:23:45

It sounds like it is now your time to heal flowers

Colourama2020 Thu 02-Jul-20 00:26:14

Well done you and all the best for future 👏

TracyBeakerSoYeah Thu 02-Jul-20 00:26:19

That's brilliant news flowers

GimmeAy Thu 02-Jul-20 00:26:36

Yes - I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel of doom that I've been in for decades. I'm going to do my damndest to be the strongest I can be to get as much from it as I can.

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Maddiemoosmum0203 Thu 02-Jul-20 00:27:30

I’m currently going through therapy with a psychologist for ptsd due to childhood trauma and so glad you have this opportunity it’s really hard to get so grab it with both hands I waited a long time I’m lucky I’m on week 16 and no cut off point it’s as long as it takes 👍

GimmeAy Thu 02-Jul-20 00:29:15

Maddiemoosmum0203 That's great to hear. I'll grab it with both hands for sure. I've fought for so long for therapy.

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GimmeAy Thu 02-Jul-20 00:31:03

I have to say that if my keyworker hadn't given me a ringing endorsement, I wouldn't have had a shot at this as the psychiatrist just wasn't listening to me. She's awesome.

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MadameMeursault Thu 02-Jul-20 00:44:19

Great news OP, hope all goes well for you flowers

Can’t believe some idiot has voted YABU

DramaAlpaca Thu 02-Jul-20 00:46:37

I'm really pleased for you flowers

Guylan Thu 02-Jul-20 00:49:09

Excellent. I hope it will help you very much. Good luck!

justonecottonpickingminute Thu 02-Jul-20 00:50:50

Excellent news OP! It’s so nice to read some good news for once. And really well done on advocating for yourself. That’s not easy.

Here’s to the beginning of the rest of your life. flowers

GimmeAy Thu 02-Jul-20 00:55:21

Thank you ladies! I wonder what a 'normal' me looks like. Hopefully slightly more content and stable anyway. I've gone through at least half my life, I don't want the second half of my life to be a series of extraordinary events lol, like the first half. Who knows, I might even find love in my elder years

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DamnYankee Thu 02-Jul-20 00:56:23

Today I found out that they will take me. The waiting list is 12 months but now in my early 40's, it's 30 years overdue

Very happy for you! Good for you for self-advocating!

Why is the waiting list so long? I don't want this to turn into a political debate...

TARSCOUT Thu 02-Jul-20 00:57:15

That's amazing, you're amazing! I can't for a moment imagine what you've been through but your words just shine with relief and enthusiasm. This is the start of your life and you will make it the best you can and then some! Good luck OP.

GimmeAy Thu 02-Jul-20 01:00:46

DamnYankee - I don't know, that's why I was so adamant with them referring me asap, as I knew the waiting list would be long. I'm going to use the time waiting to try to get as fit and as healthy as my poor addled brain will allow, so that I can take it on fighting.
I should have been referred as a child, but as I mentioned, the problem was within the family so that would never have happened. Please God, I'll benefit from it.

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FuckItForAPackofBiscuits Thu 02-Jul-20 01:03:34

Really pleased for u.You deserve this and it could be transformative.

DamnYankee Thu 02-Jul-20 01:05:12

In the US, btw. Sounds like a battle to get help! Very sorry for your suffering.
Wishing you all the good things! Positive waves!

DamnYankee Thu 02-Jul-20 01:07:15

Your fighting spirit is a good sign!!! Watch Rocky and put it on your work out playlist.

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