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To think my new neighbour has over reacted...

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monotata Wed 01-Jul-20 21:18:28

I managed to get into my new house a couple of weeks ago. Took a lot to get in with lockdown etc but managed it - had viewed it before lockdown.

It’s a detached house but there’s a shared bit of grass at the front between the houses. Anyway, a couple of days after we moved in, I got the lawnmower out and cut front garden and moved over to the shared grass. As I was cutting it, I noticed the neighbour staring out the window at me.

I Smiled and waved and kind of signalled to him to open the window as I was going to ask him if he wanted me to cut the grass on his side.

Lo and behold the window opens and he screams out the window


I’m laughing writing this because he was like a man possessed and I nearly took a fit of the giggles.

My husband had been in the garage and he came out to see what was going on.

I said to the neighbour “no worries, I leave it alone...” Later on we were out the back having a glass of wine and I could hear him speaking to someone perhaps on the phone about the upstart neighbour trying to cut his “recently scarified” grass and how rude I was 😕

Now when I leave the house he glares Out the window and if he’s out the back he humphs about when I go out to hang the washing out.

He is going to be the neighbour from hell, isn’t he?

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slipperywhensparticus Wed 01-Jul-20 21:19:39


FizzAfterSix Wed 01-Jul-20 21:20:46

He sounds awful.

upthewolves Wed 01-Jul-20 21:21:22

Yanbu. What even is scarifying grass?!

BitOfFun Wed 01-Jul-20 21:21:34

Did he scarify it by shouting at it? grin

TyneTeas Wed 01-Jul-20 21:21:41

Shouting aside, did he not perhaps say scarify? Scarify is a lawn care thing I think

monotata Wed 01-Jul-20 21:22:31


Yeah he did...I said that the past tense of scarify? 😂

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TyneTeas Wed 01-Jul-20 21:22:35

Ignore my postblush

I misread OP. Twiceblush

LST Wed 01-Jul-20 21:23:09

I don't even know what sacrified means! What a pillock

monotata Wed 01-Jul-20 21:23:22


I had to look it up. It’s some sort of thing you do to grass to make it grow

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monotata Wed 01-Jul-20 21:24:12

@BitOfFun 🤣🤣🤣

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amusedtodeath1 Wed 01-Jul-20 21:25:54

It could just be a gardening issue, (some people are precious about these things) but I'd keep a note of anything that concerns you, just in case. On a day to day basis just keep smiling and waving, from a distance.

nancybotwinbloom Wed 01-Jul-20 21:26:15

You could write "you missed a bit" in salt and it will stop the grass growing where the salt is. But I have had a hard day and I've been dealing with fuckers like this since work started.

MissConductUS Wed 01-Jul-20 21:26:55


Shouting aside, did he not perhaps say scarify? Scarify is a lawn care thing I think

It is. A machine is used to remove debris and thatch from the ground to let air and water in better. There's no reason not to mow afterward as far as I know.

Some people are just bonkers about their lawns.

PrayingandHoping Wed 01-Jul-20 21:32:22

There's no reason not to mow a lawn that's just been scarified

And this is totally the wrong time of year to scarify a lawn 🤣 you should do it in spring/autumn

Lol. He's clueless and clearly a tad bonkers!

corlan Wed 01-Jul-20 21:33:43

The lawn cuttings would have clogged up the holes he'd made by scarifying. So instead of getting nice new grass growing, he'd have just had the lawn cuttings turning to thatch.
Think he overreacted somewhat though!

yamadori Wed 01-Jul-20 21:35:20

I've never used a machine to scarify my lawn. I use a rake.

dungbeetles Wed 01-Jul-20 21:36:11

It is possible that he misinterpreted your signalling but he shouldn't have shouted at you! I'm assuming he has scarified and then planted some grass seed, which would be the reason why he didn't want it to be cut. To be fair this does take a lot of effort and I can see why he would be keen for you not to cut it but he totally overreacted.

I would just carry on smiling and being pleasant. Hopefully things will be resolved soon.

upthewolves Wed 01-Jul-20 21:39:20

@monotata thanks! I thought grass just... grew! He'd probably hate living next to me. Oh I really hope he doesn't cause problems for you. I do hope you will update us on any other interactions if they happen though 😁

campion Wed 01-Jul-20 21:40:17

You could either ignore him,politely of course,or launch a mini charm offensive by popping round with a little gift eg nice bar of chocolate and a cheery hello. That might take the wind right out of his sails!

He may be a permanently grumpy old git - or a young one - or maybe a bit lacking in social niceties. Or both.He may even be OK really.

You'll be living next door so it's always worth making an effort to get on. If it doesn't work,well at least you tried.

Sunnydayshereatlast Wed 01-Jul-20 21:41:27

Like a rain dance??

FedUpAtHomeTroels Wed 01-Jul-20 21:44:48

Jeez don't go round with a gift like you are appologizing.
Everytime you see him giving you the evils, smile and wave, or laugh.
If he thinks he can push you around he sounds like he will. Don't give him an inch.

BeforeIPutOnMyMakeup Wed 01-Jul-20 21:46:20

I read and have been told by more experienced gardeners that lawn care should be done in Spring or Autumn as you risk not having enough rain and it being too hot in Summer. There are exceptions e.g. if you are doing playing pitches.

So I think your neighbour is crazy in scarifying the lawn now.

BigSandyBalls2015 Wed 01-Jul-20 21:46:50

How old is he?

I used to laugh at people like this ... since lockdown I feel I’ve become one! Far too much time on my hands, obsessing about grass, bushes, vans .... I’m only early 50s, get me back to work!

mineofuselessinformation Wed 01-Jul-20 21:51:18

I'd apologise, for the sake of being neighbourly (and tell him that was what you were trying to be), and ask if he would like you to cut both bits at the same time.
He will let you know what he wants and it will hopefully diffuse the situation.

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