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To think a gig in September won't happen?

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Willowdaisyholly Wed 01-Jul-20 10:15:44

I was supposed to be at this gig in April but it's been rescheduled for September. Maybe I'm just being a negative Nancy but it's hard to imagine a huge gathering of people will be allowed just months after groups of only three were not permitted. That said, if lockdown has taught me anything, it's that three months is a very very very long time. Or at least it feels that way.

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Judashascomeintosomemoney Wed 01-Jul-20 10:17:57

Hmm dunno, depends where it is and how easy to keep people spaced will be I guess. We had a gig booked for September and it’s been cancelled and refunded already.

Aragog Wed 01-Jul-20 10:19:05

We have a concert which was rearranged to October from April, but have to admit I'm not convinced it's likely to happen really.

Puppylucky Wed 01-Jul-20 10:29:16

We are starting to see gigs we have booked in the autumn being rearranged for next year so have resigned ourselves to nothing this year. Frankly I'm just glad they are postponing and not cancelling all together

Lweji Wed 01-Jul-20 10:30:23

Small concerts with booked seats might go ahead.
Large ones, I doubt they will go ahead.

Pollony Wed 01-Jul-20 10:30:57

I had a gig booked for september and it's been rescheduled for next september already.

BrettAndersonscheekbones Wed 01-Jul-20 10:33:40

I had tickets for Suede at end of October, now rescheduled to next April. However, comedy gig I was due to go to during lockdown has been rescheduled for October.

willowdaisyholly Wed 01-Jul-20 10:46:14

Well, I think I'd better resign myself to the fact that it'll probably be next year. I do wonder why the organisers felt confident enough to say September.

megletthesecond Wed 01-Jul-20 10:50:11

No. I doubt that any where reputable will be open this year.
I was reading an article about the music industry and festivals and they were hoping for summer 2021.

Nottherealslimshady Wed 01-Jul-20 10:53:40

We had theatre tickets and gig tickets in London the same week in October. The theatre has been cancelled and the gig hasn't said anything yet. We also had a holiday the same week which got cancelled due to flights changing and not being suitable.

thereinmadnesslies Wed 01-Jul-20 10:57:43

I had tickets for September for an outdoor gig but it’s been rescheduled to June 2021. It’s looking like I won’t go to a single gig in 2020, usually I do about 10 per year.

WatchingFromTheWings Wed 01-Jul-20 11:11:26

I've had an October gig rescheduled for may.

ethelredonagoodday Wed 01-Jul-20 11:24:48

All ours have been rescheduled now. One which was in Feb this year, and then had been moved to Sept I think, has now been moved again to Feb 2021. And have just booked 2 in for May 2021. Fingers crossed.

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