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training as a solicitor, bad idea?

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myworkingtitle Tue 30-Jun-20 18:09:30

I’m thinking about training as a solicitor. I am 36, 3 kids. I have a good academic background and don’t doubt that I would be able to get a place to do the GDL and the LPC. However I am worried about getting a training contract. I live in a rural region, I haven’t counted up but I wouldn’t have thought there were more than 20 legal practises within my region, so it feels that it would be very competitive. It’s a lot of money & commitment to then not be able to get a job - what other options are there after the LPC without completing a training contract?

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CreditCrackers Tue 30-Jun-20 18:12:56

Hey, message me and we can talk. How difficult it is completely depends on what area you want to go into. If you're looking for a top-tier London firm then you're looking at 1-2% getting a TC, but I'm really not sure of the odds in a rural location. We're rights at the end of an application cycle too so now an ideal time to be considering because they won't open again until October. I wouldn't recommend signing up for the GDL and LPC or self-funding because it'll be wasted money if you get a funded TC.
Where abouts in the UK are you? Which area of law are you thinking? And what's your academic background?

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