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To think that I ought to know soon if the holiday is cancelled

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QuietlyWilting Tue 30-Jun-20 09:44:27

Sorry if the info is available in another thread, I have searched and not found the info. We are due to fly to Spain for a villa holiday on July 11th. Through Hays Travel, flying with easyjet.
I thought there was going to be an announcement re flights yesterday but cannot find any info on any announcement.
If we are going I have to book travel for one member of the party to travel to us, book a hire car, pack for 5 people, things like that.
I have a week and a half to go (and next week I am going to be crazy busy at work) so am keen to sort things out if I can.
I am sure there are many others in the same situation.
Easyjet show our flight as fully booked.
I get the impression that Hays don't cancel holidays, but that it is all up to Easyjet.
Is there a limit to when the holiday can be cancelled by Hays/EasyJet, ie will we get any notice at all?
thanks for any information any one can tell us.

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