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Anxiety help diabetes

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kira1991 Tue 30-Jun-20 09:55:26

I am going to when I get the call today. Ive always been an overthinker.
But its increased loads with lockdown..
I'm just petrified that this is what I have and I cant get it out of my head. sad
Theres no where that says oral thrush is common which is the worse part 😔

Thank you for your reply.

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sallyedmondson Tue 30-Jun-20 09:40:02

So sorry you are going through all of this.
The biggest problem is not the th
rush or possible diabetes. It's the anxiety.
If you were not worried about diabetes it would be something else.
Please talk to your Gp about this.
A talking therapy plus anti depressants can help enormously.

kira1991 Tue 30-Jun-20 09:29:32

Hi. My Anxiety has been ridiculous lately, as I'm sure everyone's has. I'm an over thinker which doesn't help.
I believe I have oral thrush (not been on any medications) I went to 2 pharmacy's yesterday and both said thrush..
I've never had it before orally, I have vaginally when I was pregnant with my youngest child which was treated and went away.
But, as an overthinker I googled it, bad move I know. And everything pointed to diabetes, just because of oral thrush.
I looked at symptoms and i don't have any other symptoms of diabetes. I did an online test, and my weight, as im obese was the only thing really.
I'm drinking more, not because I'm thirsty but because my mouth feels weird, and drinking doesn't help 😂 ive been up an hour and half and only had a sip of water after brushing my teeth.
I dont wake in the night for the toilet at all, once I manage to fall asleep im there till whenever. But lately, my anxiety has been waking me up early in the morning (probably a lay in for most people but about 8) but I can lay in bed a while before needing to get up to pee😒
I havent had an weight gain/loss.
I did a thread yesterday, which someone lovely replied but im hoping some more people can help.

I wear glasses, I went for my first eye test and 3 years after went for my second. I was told by numerous people my prescription had hardly changed (good right)
But they found something in my eye, im not sure what but the woman at specsavers asked me questions and said she doesnt think its anything to worry about. Sent me on my way and to wait on an appointment at hospital. I went to the hospital, and I know they can pick up diabetes this way.
But nothing was said, few questions do you have headaches and she thinks its something that's always been there, and not a cause for concern. So I'm trying to convince myself they would of picked it up then? But I cant.

Due to lock down my self care halted, anxiety/depression took over and I didnt brush my teeth etc.
About 3 weeks ago, I started to feel better, so looking after myself. Until now, im still brushing my teeth, mouth wash etc but just constantly worried. However im constantly stressed, working from home plus 3 children, its hard!

But I just can't get it out my head I have diabetes. I decided, better late than never I guess to make lifestyle changes, diet exercise. Obviously just started so no visible changes.

My tounge is white, and I have a weird feeling in my mouth. Is isnt painful, and its not a thick white coating. But at the sides of my tounge my skin is peeling. But I also know I push my tounge towards my teeth alot.
I also have cavities which was meant be sorted before lock down. But can't.. so I've a few rough teeth. Occasional tooth ache but nothing I cant handle.

Im not really sure what im looking for. I have drs calling me today, but for obvious reasons theres no face to face visits..
But im scared. Im worried that I have diabetes because of thrush.

I've also been drinking more alcohol than before. I did drink anyway but a few extra than normal (I only drink Fridays and saturdays)
I just need help. All forums say its not common for people to get oral thrush unless you have medical issues.

Thank you for any advice 😫 I know i won't settle till I speak to the Dr but hoping someone can help me a little.

Thank you.

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