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To ask you about your underwear?

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Casschops Tue 30-Jun-20 08:57:18

Well bras mostly. Before anyone reports me I am a frequent poster and not an undewear troll. I wondered what is comfortable for people. Over time I've become less and less comfortable in a traditional strap and underwire bra. I moved onto ones without underwire but despite having them measured I always felt uncomfortable in whatever I wore.
Now I am in my late thirties I have been doing some general reading about how traditional bras prevent you from using your pectoral muscles and nerve endings etc to the fullest as they are not "working" so to speak and the recommendation is to use a bandau or sports style bra that supports you but lets them move.
I have discovered a sort of sports style crop top in Sainsburys and although they look a little orthopedic. I am comfortable all day and I don't have breast pain or cutting in marks on my shoulders. What do other people use and why?

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PolPotNoodle Tue 30-Jun-20 09:01:25

I live my life in low impact sports bras now unless I'm wearing a top that requires a traditional bra.

Casschops Tue 30-Jun-20 09:21:40

You know my standards must have slipped as I don't even care what type of bra is suitable for what top! 😁

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GameSetMatch Tue 30-Jun-20 09:33:47

I just wear M&S T shirt bras, I can’t get on with sports bras I feel a bit squished and I don’t like the shape under clothes. As long as your comfortable buy what you like don’t worry about anybody else!

WanderingTrolley1 Tue 30-Jun-20 09:34:46

I need underwires and padding/structured bras for my spaniel ears!

FrugiFan Tue 30-Jun-20 09:38:33

I wear molke bras which are a bit like sports bras - wide straps, no hooks or wires and very stretchy and comfy. I have spent the last 4 years either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both) and they've been great for that but would be comfortable normal too.

Dreamersandwishers Tue 30-Jun-20 09:48:42

Another fan of sports bras. M-life work well for me, light to medium impact. Higher impact if I am exercising.
I only wear a regular bra if I am getting dressed up, like pp.

Poppyismyfavourite Tue 30-Jun-20 09:58:30

I love the M&S supersoft bras - I actually went back and bought it in the other 2 colours as well and wear them all the time. Never done that before with a bra.
this one:

SpiderStan Tue 30-Jun-20 10:00:26

Before I fell pregnant and becoming 5 sizes bigger than normal, I used to wear non-wired sports bra type of bras - but breathable ones - as they were much more comfortable.

Now I wear full-cup full-support thick-strap huge bloody great things that you could serve a pasta meal in.

EarPhones Tue 30-Jun-20 10:02:56

Uniqlo relax bras

mrsmummy111 Tue 30-Jun-20 10:03:37

Well DS has quite literally sucked all the life out of my breasts, so I wear a crop top type thing purely so my nips don’t pop through all my clothes. It’s by no means necessary from a support perspective, but I think it’s also psychological. It would feel weird and uncomfortable going out constantly without a bra. I got some very nice ones from lululemon and pretty much just wear them on rotation.

Quackersandcheese3 Tue 30-Jun-20 10:04:09

Molke are good for alternative bras. I also like m and s .

AtLeastThreeDrinks Tue 30-Jun-20 10:12:30

Hate regular bras, will go without when I feel comfortable to (but size-wise I sometimes feel too self-conscious!). I like the Calvin Klein bralettes (like this, they're the softest fabric. Bralettes in general are a good compromise, but I still whip them off as soon as I'm home! I've tried all the 'comfortable' structure bras but they still dig in and my bank balance looks sadder for it.

AtLeastThreeDrinks Tue 30-Jun-20 10:13:20

Oh I think that link goes to the CK homepage, try this

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