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Do birds wee? ( sort of light hearted - so I don't seem really dim)

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Sibsmum Mon 29-Jun-20 20:27:06

I have been wondering. I mean we occasionally get bird poo on the car or on the Windows ( usually straight after they have been cleaned) but do they wee?
Have I been walking around for years and just been incredibly lucky to have escaped avian urine!?
Maybe they only see when it rains and then we might never realise....

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ForTheLoveOfCatFood Mon 29-Jun-20 20:28:07

I need to know the answer to this - I had never considered this before!

Gulabjamoon Mon 29-Jun-20 20:28:55

Maybe their poo combines wee? Is their poo called guano ? <not a clue> YANBU so you don’t feel dim.

letmethinkaboutitfornow Mon 29-Jun-20 20:29:09

I am joining the club! Never thought of it before! 😂😂😂

(Shamelessly off to google it!)

Originalyellowbelly Mon 29-Jun-20 20:30:04

Not as such, their wee is mixed in with their poo, so you get two for the price of one.

otterbaby Mon 29-Jun-20 20:30:03

I'm pretty sure the wee and poo are mixed together! Comes out of the cloaca. Don't ask me why I know that...

crispysausagerolls Mon 29-Jun-20 20:31:12

My favourite thread on MN of all time

chockaholic72 Mon 29-Jun-20 20:31:13

I used to have two pet cockatiels and I don't think they do - I think it all comes out in one runny mix of wee and bird poo. Fact - cockatiels poo roughly once every 15 mins...

letmethinkaboutitfornow Mon 29-Jun-20 20:31:21

Have no clue why this has come up for you OP, but definitely curious!!!

Mammals remove excess nitrogen from their bodies by converting it to a dilute solution of urea, stored in the bladder. Birds convert nitrogen to uric acid instead: this is metabolically more costly but saves water and weight, as it is less toxic and doesn’t need to be diluted so much.


TheNinjaWife Mon 29-Jun-20 20:31:58

Bird pee and poop comes from one exit hole at the same time.

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Mon 29-Jun-20 20:32:52

No they don't wee. All their waste is combined and passes through their anus.

Google is your friend. wink

yetanothernamechange22 Mon 29-Jun-20 20:33:29

Their droppings consist of three parts, the faeces which are a greenish brown paste, the urates (solidified urine) which are a white paste and sometimes liquid urine. Liquid urine isn't always present. It's more likely to be present if the bird has eaten fresh food or had a bath. Birds have a cloaca so everything comes of the same hole at the same time.

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 29-Jun-20 20:38:20

Baby birds produce their waste all wrapped up in a little package, nice and tidy. The parents pick it up and fly off to dispose of it.

crispysausagerolls Mon 29-Jun-20 20:49:31

Google is your friend

Spoil sport!

GreyGardens88 Mon 29-Jun-20 20:52:06

They also mate via the cloaca. Efficient system.

Sibsmum Mon 29-Jun-20 20:57:26

So they do both through the same , thingy, at the same time?
So they do wee, but it gets mixed up with poo?
I am still 😕

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Dogsanddrums Mon 29-Jun-20 21:03:27

The urine combines with the faeces and comes out as a runny poo from the cloaca. The white ‘topping’ on bird poo (sorry) is the urine. The cloaca is also where eggs come from

honeylulu Mon 29-Jun-20 21:06:07

Poo and wee mixed (guano). Comes out of the cloaca (also used for reproduction).

MrsEricBana Mon 29-Jun-20 21:10:44

Coo (boom boom) that is so interesting and not something I had much considered but I will look at bird poo in a new light.
So, in Kronk's New Groove, WHY is the lady called Miss Birdy-Poo?

Nottherealslimshady Mon 29-Jun-20 21:12:10

They have one hole that all waste exits at the same time, they also mate and lay eggs through the same hole.

AreYouLocal2 Mon 29-Jun-20 21:22:41

Just like lizards. Pooh is black the white bits are uric acid (pee).

WowOoo Mon 29-Jun-20 21:32:28

Yes, they tell you to wash bird mess off because the acid can corrode paintwork.

They seem to have one hole down there that does the lot! I’m glad I don’t have a cloaca.

LakieLady Mon 29-Jun-20 21:34:22

Wow, every day's a school day on here!

Sibsmum Mon 29-Jun-20 21:35:25

Ohhhhhh. I wonder why we always call it bird poo then? It seems weird that we do.
Maybe we should be calling it poowee? ( I think guano sounds like they pop lizards)

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0Muggle0 Mon 29-Jun-20 21:40:12

The white part of the poo is the wee! The black is the poo.

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