Bleeding during pregnancy, who had it?

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BeanieBart Mon 29-Jun-20 17:45:50

Sorry I'm committing the age old sin of posting for traffic!

8 weeks pregnant and had an internal ultrasound yesterday due to some spotting. The scan showed a baby of the right size with a heartbeat and so I was sent away and just told it can be normal and to contact them again if it gets any worse.

The spotting has been on and off now for about 2 weeks. It keeps turning brown and dying off and then starting pink again for a day or so.

It went brown and stopped yesterday just before my scan but I think the internal scan irritated it again as it's been spotting very very lightly again since!

It's driving me mental. I'm glad everything is okay of course but it's not seemed to ease my anxiety very much. I just want it to stop and stay gone!

Did anyone else have this?

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PickAChew Mon 29-Jun-20 17:48:04

Yeah, every 4 weeks until about 24 weeks, really heavy, a few times, massive clots the first time.

He's currently weighing down the sofa, staring at his phone!

LadyofMisrule Mon 29-Jun-20 17:55:04

Yep. Implantation bleeding.

She's currently baking cakes in the kitchen, having spent the morning constructing a wardrobe.

I know not all stories end this happily, but it isn't necessarily a disaster, and you have done the right thing in getting checked. Good luck

BeanieBart Mon 29-Jun-20 17:58:04

Thanks. Were you able to relax again after a while? I feel like I'm going to be on edge constantly if it doesn't stop. I feel like it's the start of something that hasn't happened yet!

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namechanging2020 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:00:04

I have had 6 pregnancies, 3 with bleeding, 2 turned out to be miscarriages and one was just fine. The two that ended in m/c very quickly ramped up from spotting to a lot of red blood, more than a periods worth. The other one was just on and off spotting for ages.

BeanieBart Mon 29-Jun-20 18:00:42

It seems (to my mind anyway) that I have a really irritable cervix. It happens anyway but it's definitely worse after sex, which I've now stopped having, I even 'sorted myself out' (sorry tmi) the other day, clitoral only and that caused cramping and some bleeding too so I've stopped that as well, every time I have a bowel movement etc... it seems to happen.

It's a nightmare 😫

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BeanieBart Mon 29-Jun-20 18:01:59


I have had 6 pregnancies, 3 with bleeding, 2 turned out to be miscarriages and one was just fine. The two that ended in m/c very quickly ramped up from spotting to a lot of red blood, more than a periods worth. The other one was just on and off spotting for ages.

Thanks. Yes I've had miscarriages too in the past and they have also happened very quickly in terms of seeing pink and then it developing to proper red period like bleeding shortly afterwards. This is just stop start stop start of pink then brown then nothing etc.

Really very annoying.

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ToriaPumpkin Mon 29-Jun-20 18:02:22

Yes, with both babies. Bright red spotting until 19 weeks with one, and spotting on and off until 12 weeks with the other. I calmed down once I was getting regular movement as with my first I had some reassurance then, even on the days when the bleeding came again. In my case it appeared the blood was coming from ny cervix rather than anywhere near the babies, and I now have recurring cervical erosion to back up that idea!

I hope it comes to nothing and you can start to relax and enjoy your pregnancy soon.

LaurieMarlow Mon 29-Jun-20 18:02:49

Yes at about the same stage as you. It was mostly brown and there wasn’t much of it.

It stopped, so I did relax, yes.

It’s can often happen for benign reasons. Try not to worry.

Chuffingchuff Mon 29-Jun-20 18:02:58

I had an implantation bleed around 6 weeks which sounds like what you are describing. And then a heavy bleed at 11 weeks which lasted 4 days. I was admitted to hospital to monitor and they thought I was miscarrying, but everything was OK in the end, and DS was born healthy.

BeanieBart Mon 29-Jun-20 18:04:29

Thank you. It doesn't help that they told me they couldn't see any reason for it yesterday at my scan. They said sometimes they can see a 'patch' of blood on the cervix but she couldn't with me so she couldn't tell me why it was happening.

She did suggest implantation bleeding but I didn't think that it would happen at this stage, I thought earlier, and I didn't think it would happen so frequently and on / off like this.

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LaurieMarlow Mon 29-Jun-20 18:05:51

I got told ‘probably hormonal’ which was super helpful grin

Ilikeviognier Mon 29-Jun-20 18:06:45

Yep. Been pregnant 3 times. Heavy bleeding every time. One miscarriage out of the 3. In fact on the first occasion I was 8 weeks pregnant and in the Maldives and bleeding heavily and there was nothing at all I could do about it. I was terrified and convinced it was a miscarriage. It wasn’t.

BeanieBart Mon 29-Jun-20 18:07:32


I got told ‘probably hormonal’ which was super helpful grin

Ha! 🙄

They did say I had a cyst on my ovary but they didn't say it could cause the bleeding. I should have asked really but I was just too surprised and distracted that baby had a heartbeat and was okay. I was convinced it wouldn't.

After having a Google though (I know, I know), it doesn't seem like this would be the cause.

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monty09 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:07:34

I did all the way through with my first... had him at 29wk+2 he's now 13

Idontbelieveit12 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:10:00

Had bleeding at 9 weeks and 12 weeks with my first, she’s 13 now. Had bleeding at 7 weeks with my second, he’s 12 now x

monty09 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:10:21

Oh turns out it was placenta abruption which they couldn't see on any of the scans as was on the side they couldn't see.

HeeeeyDuggee Mon 29-Jun-20 18:11:28

Bleeding pretty much every day through my successful pregnancies... with my non successful 3 I only started bleeding when the miscarriages started.

Never found a cause just one of those things although I did have to go be checked every every bleed which was reassuring but meant I was in hospital (and stressed) daily

MrsEG Mon 29-Jun-20 18:15:02

Yes, I did at around 8-9 weeks and was told it was likely due to the placenta getting stuck in, or something like that! Very light almost beige blood though. It’s rotten, so frightening when it happens. Best of luck OP! Oh and I was absolutely fine when this happened and now have 5 month old twins!

Sailingblue Mon 29-Jun-20 18:15:16

I had implantation bleeding for both very early on and with my second I had a threatened miscarriage at around 8 weeks. All was fine and the pregnancy went to full term with no issues. I was one of the lucky ones and it was such a horrid wait until the scan as I was convinced I’d lost the baby. It must be so hard to have a bad outcome, I feel for anyone that has gone through it.

jellybaby10 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:15:29

I've had 4 pregnancies and 3 children and have bled in each pregnancy. The pregnancy in which I bled the least was the one I lost. My second pregnancy I bled for the first month, enough to wear a pad and I thought I'd lost it but he is now 8. Hope it's a positive outcome for you. I know how worrying it is

Chuffingchuff Mon 29-Jun-20 18:17:18

OP they couldn't find a reason for my bleeding either

Jengnr Mon 29-Jun-20 18:18:18

Yep. Bleeding at 6 weeks with massive clots. Transvaginal scan showed heartbeat.
Fell asleep on the sofa at 9 weeks and woke up to my pjs covered in blood. Scan showed everything fine.

He’s nearly 8 now.

Wannabegreenfingers Mon 29-Jun-20 18:23:48

I bled heavily with my 1st successful pregnancy, but not until much later, 23, 28, 29, 30, 33 and eventually 35 weeks when he was delivered. I had something called a suc-centurion lobe of placenta - basically, part of the placenta had grown across my cervix and every time baby had a growth spurt I bled. Lots of bright red blood. Back of an ambulance twice and they threatened to deliver at 25 and 28 weeks. I also had two earlier miscarriages at 8 & 10 weeks.

He's now strapping healthy 9 year old. Not all bleeding is bad.

My 2nd successful pregnancy was completely normal and no bleeding.

olivesnutsandcheese Mon 29-Jun-20 18:26:13

Yep, bleeding until about 16 weeks. Scared the sh*t out of me but he's currently eating his tea and watching clone wars

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