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To ask if you have experience with child contact centers

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Biomedical Mon 29-Jun-20 16:00:57

Split with DP after years of abuse and manipulation. Currently have bail conditions and a domestic violence prevention order to stop him contacting me til the end of July but it’s looking like he’ll get off and be pursuing contact with our son who’s only 2.

He doesn’t know the first thing about looking after our child and his actions since the split indicate he’s going to do anything he can to hurt me. Him seeing our son won’t be because he wants to spend time with him, it’s all about power to him. In the past he made threats to take our son.

If I was to agree with visits in a contact centre, can they gaurentee that he won’t be able to just walk out with my son? Is there anything in place for that do we know? I’m so worried he’ll just pick him up and walk out and the staff won’t physically be able to do anything...

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rosiejaune Mon 29-Jun-20 16:46:04

Supervised contact may be ordered/agreed depending on the circumstances, but it is expected that it will progress to unsupervised. So even if initially he cannot take him alone, he will likely be able to at some point.

The only exception tends to be if there is good evidence of significant abuse (e.g. physical or sexual) directly against the child by that parent (rather than towards the other parent, even if it's in front of the child). But it doesn't sound like that is the case?

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