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To think it's totally unacceptable for BBC to be showing some classic Wimbledon matches right now

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refusetobeasheep Mon 29-Jun-20 15:12:16

I mean I'm meant to be working from home ... come on, no chance now!!

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suziesue45 Mon 29-Jun-20 15:14:05

Must be nice to have the option to do that, I'd give anything to work from home.

DoraemonDingDong Mon 29-Jun-20 15:15:48


I mean I'm meant to be working from home ... come on, no chance now!!

Who can refuse a bit of Rafa, eh?

GinDaddyRedux Mon 29-Jun-20 15:44:45


Sulusu Mon 29-Jun-20 15:46:43

It's awesome I am loving it. Rafa! Rafa! Etc etc.

Hingeandbracket Mon 29-Jun-20 15:47:27

I agree OP, tennis is as dull as flip.

jane1956 Mon 29-Jun-20 16:04:05

Love tennis LIVE but object to BBC showing repeats DEFUND the BBC they are not worth the money that we HAVE to pay.

dontgobaconmyheart Mon 29-Jun-20 16:22:33

Rafa is a bit of a creep tbh. He doesn't speak about his wife very nicely on court and the kissing of the teenage ball girl to score points for his image was just wrong. Not sure it would fly with most here if a celeb came up and touched and kissed their teenage dd without consent for a media moment, or indeed, at all.

I do like Wimbledon but reruns are dull as anything, and I think you are probably in the minority being glued to the screen OP grin. You are lucky to be wfh though and watching the tv..

Iwalkinmyclothing Mon 29-Jun-20 16:28:08

I like it, it's like real Wimbledon, trying to catch bits of matches surreptitiously on the computer at work smile

Which 5 matches would you have them rerun if it were up to you? I would need one of them to be Andy's 2008 4th round comeback vs Gasquet but I don't imagine many other people would agree.

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