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WIBU to post on village FB asking people to STFU one Sunday a month

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Wwwolves Sun 28-Jun-20 19:45:26

Flame me if you will.

I'm currently working FT from home, often into the early hours.

DH is NHS and works days then nights in a rotating schedule.

WIBU to ask on village FB for my road to please keep their kids in until 11am one effing Sunday a month? Maybe the first Sunday a month?

I'd love one actual lie in a month. I know DH working nights can't expect the world to be silent all day when he's on nights, but good lord I'd love one single lie in a month without the sound of trampolines/footballs bashing/toddlers shrieking at 7am.

I know kids need to play outside but really, 7am on a weekend????

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Paul72 Sun 28-Jun-20 19:50:29

If you get them to stop their dogs barking as well please come and do the same here. I'm fed up waking up at 06:30 to the sound of dogs being happy.

TerrapinStation Sun 28-Jun-20 19:52:46

You can't be serious.

Wwwolves Sun 28-Jun-20 19:53:33


You can't be serious.

Why can't I be serious?

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Fiveletters Sun 28-Jun-20 19:53:45

Put some earplugs in.

chateaudekaleidoscope Sun 28-Jun-20 19:54:31

You'll look like the village knob if you post anything like that. I agree 7am is to early on any day never mind a Sunday. My kids don't go out until the earliest 10 on a Sunday.

MillieChant Sun 28-Jun-20 19:54:54

I don't know. You can ask but I'm not sure it's very realistic, especially as late as 11 am. Plus how will you be able to contact people who aren't on the village FB?

QuentinQuarantino Sun 28-Jun-20 19:55:43

With the best will in the world,

Wise up.

Todaythiscouldbe Sun 28-Jun-20 19:57:14

If you find a way that works please come here and do it too. Between 6.30 & 7 every single day the toddler and dog next door are in the garden, toddler screeches, the dog barks constantly then the mum shouts at them to be quiet, 30 seconds later it starts again. I just want one late day.

Stannisbaratheonsboxofmatches Sun 28-Jun-20 19:57:27

Yeah I think earplugs for you is the best solution. You can’t expect the world to be quiet until 11 am - almost midday! And I say that as a night owl who loves a lie in.

ClaryFray Sun 28-Jun-20 19:57:28


If you want people to keep silent until 11am I suggest you move to somewhere remote.

Is this the guy from up writing this post?

UltimateWednesday Sun 28-Jun-20 19:57:43

You cant put it on FB, if it's a couple of known families you could maybe have a friendly word, but 11am? No, maybe 9/9:30

Are you sure people are really letting their kids shriek regularly at 7am?

Stannisbaratheonsboxofmatches Sun 28-Jun-20 19:58:09

9 am maybe but 11 am is not going to fly.

Ghostoast Sun 28-Jun-20 19:59:20

As a shift worker I have no sympathy for people who claim to be woken by others. All my colleagues and I wear ear plugs and use blackout blinds.
I don't let my kids out until 9am or 10am because I'm being considerate, but my neighbours have recently been being noisy until 1am so i am rewarding them with trampolining children 7 hours later.
Its amazing that where you live there's no noisy dogs disturbing you, i find dogs yapping throughout the night and early morning more antisocial than children making normal noise.

vanillandhoney Sun 28-Jun-20 20:00:44

Christ, don't be so ridiculous.

Buy some earplugs or close a window.

fishonabicycle Sun 28-Jun-20 20:01:17

You are not being unreasonable at all. 7 is too early, but your neighbours might not take any notice.

BobFleming Sun 28-Jun-20 20:03:49

Well of course you can't.

Considerate neighbours will keep the noise down until 9, but 11 is very unrealistic. And making it a formal request will make you look bonkers.

I have an extremely inconsiderate group of noisy jackdaws that wake me up at 4.30 am. Earplugs are the only solution.

BigBadVoodooHat Sun 28-Jun-20 20:04:29

WIBU to ask on village FB for my road to please keep their kids in until 11am one effing Sunday a month? Maybe the first Sunday a month?

Do it. But please screenshot the responses and post them here if you do. That’ll be well worth losing my evening to.

Coastercat Sun 28-Jun-20 20:06:38

The UK has signed up to the UNIVEF rights of a child. The right to play means in short as long as their parents are parenting them in a vaguely responsible way (they aren’t running around outside at 10:30pm) then you are in the wrong for complaining.

Coastercat Sun 28-Jun-20 20:07:21


Wecandothis99 Sun 28-Jun-20 20:08:12

Lol yeah course you can confused

DifficultPifcultLemonDifficult Sun 28-Jun-20 20:09:33

grin please do, let us know how it goes.

greenflamingo Sun 28-Jun-20 20:10:04

We are waken by birds at 4.30 and I’d be tempted to put a Facebook post up for them too. They get right on my tits.

bridgetreilly Sun 28-Jun-20 20:10:17

I think you might have more luck asking for 9am every weekend, tbh.

Macncheeseballs Sun 28-Jun-20 20:14:57

Why do you have to work into the early hours? 11am lie is the sort of thing teenagers do

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