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To ask what else do I need??

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carorganiser1 Sun 28-Jun-20 19:36:38

Ok posting her for traffic...
I'm organising the boot of my car ready for summer....I have bought a storage boxes and the organiser to hang on the seats (see pic) so what do I need
My list so far includes
A beach box with- buckets, spades, nets for rock pooling, towels, beach blanket, wet suits and a change of clothing for the two dc.
In the organiser I was going to put, spare pjs, more spare clothing, lightweight coats, umbrella, hats, first aid kit, wipes, sunscreen, the car jump leads.

ANYTHING I am missing or any other good ideas?? Thank you!!

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Beldon Mon 29-Jun-20 01:36:34

Plastic bags to put wet/sicky clothes and towels

SkiingIsHeaven Mon 29-Jun-20 01:47:36

A soft brush to clean sand off feet's, shoes etc before getting back into the car. Like the brush from a dustpan and brush set.

NoRoomInBed Mon 29-Jun-20 02:23:02

Spare sun cream in case you forget to take any.

NoRoomInBed Mon 29-Jun-20 02:23:27

Haha oops sorry 😊

managedmis Mon 29-Jun-20 02:39:49

Emergency food and water?

OhioOhioOhio Mon 29-Jun-20 02:47:25


MinnieJackson Mon 29-Jun-20 05:21:21

After Sun incase, calpol, paracetamol, puke bags, hand sanitizer grin

eggofmantumbi Mon 29-Jun-20 05:27:44

My local council issued a warning about leaving hand sanitizer in the car. Apparently it's too flammable in your weather! Device chargers?

Duckduckduck123 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:03:18

A few small toys or colouring in books and pencils in case of a break down or road delays

Nacreous Mon 29-Jun-20 07:08:04

Emergency triangle? Fluorescent jackets (think these should probably live in the body of the car TBF). Tyre pump/pressure gauge?

I like to keep sunglasses for me and spare glasses for me in the car as I couldn't drive home without glasses.

I also keep some bits like a couple of bottles of bought unopened water and temperature stable snacks like oatcakes in there.

BikeRunSki Mon 29-Jun-20 07:12:40

Talc, for cleaning sandy children.
Bottles of water/cartons of juice

talismankeeper Mon 29-Jun-20 07:14:22

Given the lack of public toilets, travel john or similar for emergencies!

TheSandgroper Mon 29-Jun-20 07:21:38

I always have a nearly finished toilet roll. And a towel to fold thickly and sit inside the car seat while you are out. Seats and buckles can get very hot.

Ohhgreat Mon 29-Jun-20 07:41:38

Definitely talc to de-sand hands and feet post beach

TheSandgroper Mon 29-Jun-20 10:06:51

Just thinking back, I had a few years where I had one of those pop up shelters in the boot and a backpack picnic set, along with everything else. The picnic set is still there and used occasionally even now.

carorganiser1 Mon 29-Jun-20 10:35:50

Thank you all.

Talc first the sand I had never heard of but now I will definitely get some!! Thank you!!

Calpol is in the first aid kit 👍

The triangle and hi-vis are already in the car.

I have organisers in front of the DC's seats with colours and toys etc already.

My car has a suspended floor so I store water and snacks in there so I think that's covered.

@TheSandgroper yes I haves picnic bag and matching picnic mat that stay in the car too!! Thank you.

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wizzler Mon 29-Jun-20 16:57:58

Crab lines

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