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Is it true year 7 catch up funding has been cancelled?

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Crockodoodle Sun 28-Jun-20 19:20:55


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lifestooshort123 Sun 28-Jun-20 20:32:25

Is this current Yr 7s or those going into Yr 7 in September??

rosegoldwatcher Sun 28-Jun-20 20:41:06

From what I have read here -

- the catch up grant (£55 Million)will not be allocated for this September's cohort of year 7 students. Seems it will be replaced by a 'national funding formula' for students in Ys7 - 11 who need support to catch up.
So - when BJ announces the amount of the 'new' catch up grant automatically subtract £55 million.

Crockodoodle Sun 28-Jun-20 21:34:34

Thanks @rosegoldwatcher that makes sense, give with one hand and all that

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