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Hayfever and going back to school.

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Anney28 Sun 28-Jun-20 15:05:26

Dd is due back to school (she’s in reception) I haven’t sent her back yet but I’m hoping to send her back albeit for a couple of weeks before the summer holidays.

She suffers from hayfever which appears mild. She’s usually a bit sneezy in the morning and sometimes coughs a bit with it. Maybe for instance one or two little coughs like she’s clearing her throat certainly not persistent.

She follows good hygiene practises but should I be concerned? I’m worried that the school won’t want it there. But surely quite a few children suffer from hayfever? Surely they aren’t expecting all children to be cough and sneeze free completely. She’s usually fine by 9am. Some days she’s fine and others she’s sneezing all morning.

I’ll speak to the school tomorrow.

Am I just over panicking?

I also have an older son going back. He has asd. He doesn’t have a cough but sometimes he’ll cough if he hates the smell of something but again he’s not actually got a proper cough.

Aibu to think the school would know the difference between a covid persistent cough and hayfever and throat clearing etc?

By the time the winter comes along it’s going to be normal colds and coughs all the time!

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elliejjtiny Sun 28-Jun-20 15:11:12

I've been wondering this. My 7 year old is going back to school on Tuesday. He has a cleft palate and does that little throat clearing cough quite often.

Firstawake Sun 28-Jun-20 15:38:13

Us teachers and staff are no different to the children.
We know about hay-fever, colds and stuff.
Don't worry.
Mention she has hay fever.

Deelish75 Sun 28-Jun-20 19:08:21

Can you give her an antihistamine?

Agree about mentioning hay fever. My DD YrR she has mild hay fever, a couple of weeks ago her teacher noticed her coughing after running around, I think it happened twice. She mentioned it at home time and DD was fine to go in the next day.

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