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To ask for carpet vac/wash recommendation or should I hire rug doc?

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Polkadotpjs Sun 28-Jun-20 12:05:51

New puppy means carpet accidents are common and I'd like to try and keep it clean
Do I hire Rug doctor or buy a Lower cost Vax etc of my own. Seen Karcher ones which are a decent price but mixed reviews
Anyone got one?

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SweetPetrichor Sun 28-Jun-20 12:28:30

I have a Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution. It’s ideal for regular home use. I had a rug doctor one previously and it was a nightmare to clean after use where as the Bissell is a breeze to dismantle and clean. Easy to use, easy to empty, and not too heavy.

whateveryousay Sun 28-Jun-20 12:29:51

I have two large smelly dogs, and I bought mu own Rug Doctor. It’s smaller than the ones you hire, but just as good. I use it every week in the winter.

hashtagbollocks Sun 28-Jun-20 12:32:37

I have a vax and last week did my very manky stairs with it and they've come up like new.
I used this solution, it's fab

howdidigettobe50something Sun 28-Jun-20 12:46:42

I have a vax rapide ultra and it's great... Easy to use, light and not too big to store.

Polkadotpjs Mon 29-Jun-20 14:34:59

We've ordered a Vax- 6 year guarantee and a free steamer thing. Let's see how we go!

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