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for thinking it is not OK to park a caravan on TWO disabled spaces outside a hospital?

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Isababel Wed 26-Sep-07 08:58:22

OK, granted, the caravan had a blue badge wallet placed near the window, and 2 people waiting inside. But still was using 2 spaces just by the entrance in a place were most vulnerable disabled people needs to park. There are wheelchairs by the door and a car park less than 100 m around the corner, and staff to take care/help with the new arrivals.

Is it OK to use 2 disabled parking spaces when you have a blue badge (and a small queu of diabled people waiting for a place?)

Just curious, not having a go at anybody on this, I'm just totally unsure about what is the correct etiquette in these cases.

sixlostmonkeys Wed 26-Sep-07 09:44:58

a caravan or a camper van?

2shoes Wed 26-Sep-07 11:32:31

bloody greedy is what I think. If I needed the space for dd. I would ask them to move.

hanaflower Wed 26-Sep-07 11:46:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sixlostmonkeys Wed 26-Sep-07 15:21:42

if it is a caravan then that's a bit off, but if it's a camper van then this is their form of transport, and if a blue badge has been granted then....

Isababel Wed 26-Sep-07 19:16:05

It was a huge cubic shapped thing, it didn't look as the bog standard campervan, far wider and longer than that, is that a caravan?

sixlostmonkeys Wed 26-Sep-07 19:46:16

a caravan is something that gets towed behind a car.

If it's a campervan or a motorhome, then as I said, it may their only mode of transport, only vehicle.

If they are disabled then owning a motorhome is great for them as it allows then some quality of life; being able to get out and about and not have the restrictions of hotels etc when going on holiday, or even having to search for suitable/adapted public convenciences when on a day trip.

It's unfortunate that on the days they need to visit the hospital they have to take up more room when parking, but you have to ask your self, what else could they possibly do?

LadyVictoriaOfCake Wed 26-Sep-07 19:50:10



if it was the latter, then really, it could be their only form of transport.

Isababel Wed 26-Sep-07 20:05:19

It was more like this, hence my question.

Thank you for clarifying the matter for me, it seemed like an interesting problem: Duble take of spaces by a disabled person in an area where many disabled persons need those spaces too.

TBH, disabled wallet or not, it is not their fault but that of the brains of the hospital who decided that a good sized car park, proportional to the size of the hospital and number of users, was not necessary.

sixlostmonkeys Wed 26-Sep-07 20:09:33

agree - the size of the car park is the problem.

imagine how hard it is for them on hospital days knowing how difficult it is going to be for them to find a parking space big enough

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