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To ask when you children lost all their baby teeth

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itswhereitsat Sun 28-Jun-20 05:42:41

My son is nearly 13 and still has all his baby molars. They are starting to give him pain and I need him to see a dentist asap. Is it normal to still have baby teeth at nearly 13?

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Autumn101 Sun 28-Jun-20 05:44:58

My son is nearly 12 and has started to lose his molars in the last 6 months - the dentist is been keeping an eye on it as he was apparently a bit late so I would think 13 is definitely on the late side

MooseBeTimeForSummer Sun 28-Jun-20 05:48:33

My 8.5 year old still hasn’t lost his front baby teeth! His dentist has told him he needs to wiggle them out by the end of summer or she’ll have to take them out.

WisestIsShe Sun 28-Jun-20 05:51:44

DD (13) still has baby teeth. The dentist hasn't mentioned it being a concern yet?

ChaoticCatling Sun 28-Jun-20 06:00:54

My 14 year old hasn't lost any of his two year old molars yet. I've lost track of how many canines and pre molars he's lost. No sign of 12 year old molars at this point. He has no pain though, the dentist at his last check up said everything is fine, just later than average.

BlusteryLake Sun 28-Jun-20 06:18:39

My 11 year old has only lost 8 baby teeth in total, the front four top and bottom.

stayingaliveisawayoflife Sun 28-Jun-20 06:32:43

My mum never lost her milk teeth. She has a condition where the second set never forms.

DuckALaurent Sun 28-Jun-20 06:34:13

This might help

Effinell Sun 28-Jun-20 06:36:33

My 19 year old still has one bottom one left. He did have 2 but lost one last year biting in to a hard sweet. The adult teeth never grew underneath though so he's got a gap.

When my son was 14 the orthodontist wanted to take the bottom 2 and 2 top ones out and give him braces but my son refused.

reluctantbrit Sun 28-Jun-20 07:00:11

DD was 11 when the orthodontist said she still had two baby molars. At 12 they were gone. Her best friend still has baby molars and she is now nearly 13.

I had my last molar removed when I was 12 as I needed braces.

If he is in pain it could be that they are not moving out but the new ones are pressing down. We had this with a front tooth and it caused a lot of pain. Get him checked out and if necessary pull the offender as it can cause permanent problems with the adult teeth of they can’t come down properly.

NeverForgetYourDreams Sun 28-Jun-20 07:01:12

Mine is 14 and still got lots baby teeth

DinoGreen Sun 28-Jun-20 07:27:11

I lost my last baby tooth at 16. It came out in a class at school so I asked the teacher if I could go and get a drink of water because my tooth had just come out and he was horrified and thought I needed to see a dentist straight away grin he couldn’t believe it when I said it was a baby tooth!

MustBeThursday Sun 28-Jun-20 07:31:30

I had my last 3 baby teeth removed by the dentist at 14 before they sent me off for braces

Dorobie Sun 28-Jun-20 07:31:45

Thanks @DuckALaurent very helpful. My 6yr old has only lost 1 tooth whereas my nephew who is 4 has lost 5! He has a significantly sugary diet compared to my dd.... do you think this plays a part?

icedaisy Sun 28-Jun-20 07:34:59

We were talking about the last night. Dd 20 months is teething. Nephew 15 still has most baby teeth apart from top front and bottom front. Both are teething.

cptartapp Sun 28-Jun-20 07:44:49

Both my DS were 14 and had their last remaining baby teeth pulled by the dentist for braces. DS2 had four removed in one go! The roots were enormous.

TabbyMumz Sun 28-Jun-20 08:39:32

My son still had 11 baby teeth at age 13. He needed braces so they had to take 4 out.

zingally Sun 28-Jun-20 09:33:23

I was definitely at the top end of secondary school before I lost my final baby tooth. I remember being really surprised, as it had felt like years since I last lost a tooth.

My wisdom teeth never came. I have "deformed" toothy nubs at the top, and nothing at the bottom.

My mum still has a baby tooth, and she's 65!

Ginandplatonic Sun 28-Jun-20 09:37:14

It is within the normal range. My 16 yo still has some - he got teeth very late as a baby and is losing them late. He will need braces, but the orthodontist is happy to wait a bit longer for things to happen on their own.

UncleShady Sun 28-Jun-20 09:43:06

Ds lost this first baby tooth at 8, he still has some left at 13 but they are barely hanging on. The dentist in February said they would come out if only he tugged them - I asked him (the dentist) to, while we were there but he was having none of it shock

Hibbetyhob Sun 28-Jun-20 09:43:36

I was 17 before my last tooth fell out. The dentist had done xrays to check there were teeth underneath - there were, they just took longer than most to come through.

My dc also got teeth late as babies & started losing them later than their peers - dd was 7 & the last of her classmates to do so before she lost her first baby tooth.

I think a lot of how your teeth are is just genetics really - I’ve never needed a single filling and was terrible at brushing as a child, I really put it down to just luck.

iolaus Sun 28-Jun-20 10:30:53

My 18 year old still has one (but xrays show she doesn't have an adult tooth underneath it - the dentist said it will probably last till about 30 or 40

bestservices Sun 28-Jun-20 10:35:10

I had to have 10 bV

bestservices Sun 28-Jun-20 10:35:51

Will try again....

I had to have ten baby teeth removed as a teenager in order to get braces.

My dad had one removed when he joined the army at 18

EnolaAlone Sun 28-Jun-20 10:46:41

My DS is 12.5 and has lost three baby teeth in the last few weeks after not losing any for ages. He still has more baby teeth left.

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