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Teething and projectile vomiting?

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SideEyeing Sun 28-Jun-20 01:41:16

Just back from a long 111 inspired trip to A and E with DD (nearly 7 months.) Her first tooth cut through today and tonight after being in bed for an hour she threw up literally everywhere. We changed her, I let her have a short BF which she then promptly threw up all over me. Called 111 (panicky first time mum) who of course said A and E. The doc reckons it's a bug but she's totally fine in herself, no temperature, smiling and happy (until she got overtired). She's sleeping now but has had a bit of a wet cough on occasion. I googled teething and vomiting and the medical sites suggest no link but there seem to be hundreds of anecdotes from mums insisting their kids vomited when teething.

I'm feeling really scared about going to sleep in case she chokes on her sick and I don't hear it. I have fed her again and she seems to have conked out but feel so, so worried.

Anyone else experienced this?

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jimmyhill Sun 28-Jun-20 02:38:05

Babies don't choke to death on their sick, they instinctively turn sideways. Also, feeling ill is miserable so they wake up and cry before they puke.

Ethelfleda Sun 28-Jun-20 06:55:19

Whenever DS cut molars he would vomit very watery sick everywhere.
I couldn’t find a ‘proven’ link on the web either but he definitely did, literally every time. He has all his teeth now thankfully! (He is 2.5)

Ethelfleda Sun 28-Jun-20 06:58:26

I wonder if we are told that temperature and vomiting has nothing to do with teething to try and convince us to get our babies checked out when they do have those symptoms though? To encourage people to seek medical advice when their little ones have these symptoms rather than just thinking ‘oh, it’s just teething’

I wasn’t worried about him choking though but then we have slept in the same bed since he was a baby so I always knew it would wake me up.
In fact - mothers intuition - I always wake up before he is sick and usually manage to get him to the bathroom!

MadeForThis Sun 28-Jun-20 07:13:12

Dd1 vomited every time she was cutting a new tooth.

Usually only puked once or twice. Then back to normal. No fever or sore stomach. Always at night.

After the first few times we knew to check for a tooth.

gigchuckedout56 Sun 28-Jun-20 07:25:59

DD used to get terrible high temperature and sometimes she would vomit when she was teething.

SideEyeing Sun 28-Jun-20 11:20:58

Thank you everyone. @MadeForThis you've described what went on with my DD to a tee - bizarre, the doc was adamant it wasn't a teething thing but I can't see how she'd be so utterly fine other than the puking?!

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