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Would medication help this is or it just silliness?

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FatBottomedGurl Sat 27-Jun-20 20:11:14

Posted on MH and Chat threads but no response so trying here...

Approx 3 yrs ago I recovered from depression and anxiety, and came off medication. Previous bout was triggered by a period of grieving. Since then, besides the normal ups and downs of life, I have felt fine.

In February this year I had a pregnancy termination. I do not regret the decision as such , (won't go into details about why I made the decision but it was the best I had) , but it has been an emotional roller-coaster and I carry guilt about it daily. Although that has been the primary cause for issues pre Co-Vid19, there has been additional problems around my children and their access to alcoholic ex husband and all that that entails. Plus, the stress of lockdown has been massive (2x kids at home full time, working from home, pets, relationships, families, zero alone time or peace etc).

Recently, within the last 2-3 weeks I have been making alot of mistakes at work. These have started to catch up with me and management have had to have chats and install new processes to check my work. I have always prided myself on being good at my job so this had really thrown me through a loop, and exasperated my anxiety levels. I feel I am making mistakes as I am so desperate to look keen and helpful (working from home, don't want to look work shy to management). Result is, I am not paying attention to detail as I should. Mistakes from Feb are raising their head now, that I can only put down to the stress of the termination at that time. I have been really trying to double check work but even still, mistakes keep happening. It's like I'm somehow blind to them!

Do I go to the docs for something to help, or am I just being an idiot at work and need to do better? I'm losing sleep and not eating as I'm so worried they are going to sack me. Finding a new job in this current climate will be nigh impossible. Can't tell if this is anxiety raising its head again, or if I am just being a fuck up and need to give myself a shake.

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Thamesis Sat 27-Jun-20 21:41:00

Oh OP, be kind to yourself flowers, you're going through a really tough time. That's a lot to deal with so yes, you need to be on lookout for anxiety and depression. Speak to your GP, get some support if you can and treat yourself kindly. I'm going through similar and it's tough. A lot of chocolate has helped smile

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