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Has anyone ever had a story published in the media and stayed anonymous?

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OhioOhioOhio Sat 27-Jun-20 19:37:09

I want to do this and be completely anonymous but am scared I'd get sued.

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cabinfever2 Sat 27-Jun-20 19:38:00

Nah I'd say it's really risky but depends how much you need to stay Anon perhaps.

Kaheki Sat 27-Jun-20 19:39:42

It depends on what the story is I guess. If it’s a crime some offences mean the victim has the legal right to anonymity.

Dreamersandwishers Sat 27-Jun-20 19:43:58

It’s highly unlikely that the UK press would let you stay anonymous. If the story is about you, then that’s entirely your choice. If it’s about someone else, then think about slander, libel etc. And even if it’s true, is it in the public interest to come out?
That said , any reputable newspaper would check and advise whether it made sense to publish.

freddiemercury Sat 27-Jun-20 19:44:20

I'm a journalist. I very occasionally do anonymous articles. But it is rare and there needs to be a good reason eg..."I've been having an affair for three years"... you would never expect someone in that situation to be identified and thus out themselves...

OhioOhioOhio Sat 27-Jun-20 19:45:59

It's about a court case and my experience.

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OhioOhioOhio Sat 27-Jun-20 19:47:02

It would have to be anonymous for my kid's safety.

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cabinfever2 Sat 27-Jun-20 19:47:39

No if it's for your child's don't do it.

OhioOhioOhio Sat 27-Jun-20 19:48:59

Yeah. I guess. It's about how I was screwed over in court. I don't want it to happen to anyone else. Guess ill have to get over it.

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NoIDontWatchLoveIsland Sat 27-Jun-20 19:49:27

I doubt you will be allowed to as anything you might saw could be prejudicial to other parties to the case. Eg presumably you were either victim, defendant, or witness etc, and therefore whatever you might publish affects those others too.

SimonJT Sat 27-Jun-20 19:50:23

I have been in the press as a ‘mystery man’ a few times.

There is no way I would trust the press to stick to any form of privacy agreement, you also have to remember if your word is written down it will be altered to suit their own narrative.

AuntyPasta Sat 27-Jun-20 19:51:40

If you mean for example Miss X’s experience of family court then I think you might be able to do it anonymously, with the right journalist as long as everyone involved was also kept anonymous - no naming a specific Judge, social worker or ex partner.

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland Sat 27-Jun-20 19:51:50

Your opinion is that you were screwed over. Other parties to the case (and presumably the judge/jury) disagree, so going and putting a lot of controversial facts into probably gutter press (as that's the sort of media who run this type of story) is a terrible idea.

FedUpOfChangingName Sat 27-Jun-20 19:54:56

Go to the Metro....
They do random stories...
They aren't good at it
But they are everywhere

AuntyPasta Sat 27-Jun-20 19:55:23

If it’s something like this you could try talking to the charities mentioned.

Legoandloldolls Sat 27-Jun-20 19:58:20

I did a interview over my sons SEN journey. It wasn't anonymous. I had to prove everything to the paper first with the official documents as they was scared of being sued.

It was all true so my LA gave a formal reply that they was working with me to resolve the issues ( that was also BS). It didn't change the way they treated other parents. I guess it did serve a small.purpose but it didn't bring about any real change

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