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To not understand what brits call good weather?

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Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 14:41:46

Usually it’s humid, really clammy, and often just a bit too hot.
So difficult to be active, feel refreshed, a lot of things.
The only thing the past weeks heat wave would be remotely good for is getting a tan/sunburn, surely?

I mean, it’s not the kind of ‘good’ weather you get in Cyprus, for example, this can just feel suffocating.
I must admit sometimes towards evening it’s quite lovely, a soft breeze, less oppressive.

Are we just a bit demented when it comes to sun, here? I know there’s a stereotype, but I do wonder why people call oppressive weather ‘beautiful’.

There a few in-betweens, so maybe people lap this up because it’s either that.....or rain.

What you think?

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FourEyesGood Sat 27-Jun-20 14:43:16

Its all a matter of opinion, isn’t it? I’m happiest in mild weather with sunshine that’s not too bright; I can’t stand really warm weather. Others love it.

mornington444 Sat 27-Jun-20 14:43:23

I agree OP.

Consequence of climate change and poor air quality. Which has only temporarily improved during the pandemic.

Alsohuman Sat 27-Jun-20 14:45:07

You answered your own question. When the alternative is rain, we’ll take any sunshine we can get.

Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 14:45:17

Haha the air quality is back to ‘au de diesel’ where I live!

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Kaheki Sat 27-Jun-20 14:45:28

I think it depends on when you live. I always find big towns and cities more suffocating when the weather is hot. We live close to the coast and it’s always much fresher here even when it’s hot

Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 14:47:06

Im more curious as to why people call it ‘beautiful’.
It’s ok, but we always get the same, wet muggy heat.

When your hair curls and frizzes indoors you know it’s muggy! 😁

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Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 14:48:10

@Kaheki true, I’m in Lake District and it is always a bit fresher. Terrible traffic though.
I often travel to greater manchester and it does seem hotter and more humid there.

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CantSleepClownsWillEatMe Sat 27-Jun-20 14:52:28

Well, it’s not just the Brits grin. Here in Ireland I’m sick of hearing about the beautiful, fabulous, amazing, glorious weather too. I bloody hate it and yes oppressive is the word for it! Fine for the sunbathers but you can’t really do anything in it unless you particularly enjoy melting into a puddle of sweat confused.

Today it’s windy and raining (though not cold) and quite honestly I would take this weather over the so-called “glorious sunshine” we had earlier in the week.

Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 14:55:04

I’ve seen people sat at front of their houses in garden chairs, melting in a pool of sweat, Saying ‘isn’t it lovely weather?’!
Fine though, if it suits them!

One neighbour does this in a woolly cardigan and fleece slippers! She’s great though.

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FuzzyPuffling Sat 27-Jun-20 15:02:28

"Brits"? Well I expect, since there are about 66 million of us that there'll be more than one opinion.

MyPersona Sat 27-Jun-20 15:03:28

See I disagree with you entirely. Normally in the UK when we have sunshine it’s not humid and oppressive like last week, and unlike Mediterranean countries it’s not usually hot early in the morning and later in the evening so you still get cool breezes and respite from the heat. It’s also usually only high 20s on hot days, whereas I’ve been in Cyprus when it was over 40 and completely impossible to go outside. I think fine weather here usually is ‘beautiful’.

dudsville Sat 27-Jun-20 15:07:10

Well, i guess I do fall in to the camp who thinks that hot day we had earlier was beautiful BUT I also did not sleep that night and did find it oppressive.

MotherMorph Sat 27-Jun-20 15:08:10

We went camping in the heatwave of 2018. We live in quite an urban area and work in London. The diffrence when camping in a forest was amazing. We couldn't believe that we were chilly by about 8pm but without buildings holding the heat it was much cooler and less muggy.
I actually quite like hot weather (about 25-28 degrees would be my ideal) and find it a bit frustrating when lots of people whinge about the approx 5 days a year of hot weather - if you like mild, cold, rainy or dull weather you get weeks and weeks of it to enjoy!

teaflake Sat 27-Jun-20 15:08:52

God, I hate being called a 'Brit'. Bloody awful word.

ShowOfHands Sat 27-Jun-20 15:09:33

I don't like it but I don't speak for everybody in England, let alone Wales and Scotland.

I know plenty of people who love it.

UltimateWednesday Sat 27-Jun-20 15:15:15

I ran yesterday afternoon, about 3:30 pm. Admittedly in the woods so there was some shade but it was very hot ....and lovely. Strangely I find it much nicer/easier to be active outdoors in very hot weather than to sit in it. I never go outdoors with the specific intention of sitting in the sun but I do love being active outdoors on a sunny day.

Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 15:15:20

Don’t like the Brit word either but wanted to simplify.
It’s really not worth stressing over.
Thread is slightly lighthearted.

It’s good to see a range of opinions.
Agree about camping, would be less oppressive than my bedroom today!

To recap - I don’t hate this weather, i am confused why many (not all) people in the UK call it ‘beautiful’.

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TinklyLittleLaugh Sat 27-Jun-20 15:15:42

Not raining and not blowing a gale does it for me personally. We don’t seem to have breezes any more, or soft little splashes of showers. Everything is really full on.

Quite a lot of my garden planting is a bit showy; heavy on the flowers, roses, peonies, big blousy poppies and dahlias. So many big soggy bundles of petals, I am considering a rethink.

Apolloanddaphne Sat 27-Jun-20 15:17:15

I live in Scotland. Good weather is not raining and no wind. Warm and sunny is a bonus.

EmpressSuiko Sat 27-Jun-20 15:18:23

It depends on the individual, for me when it’s mid 20s, 25/26 is honestly perfect! It is definitely beautiful weather to me as anything below 22/23 degrees is a bit too cold for me.
When it rains I don’t want to do anything but when the sun is out and it’s hot I want to be out exploring, paddle boarding, cycling etc, it’s lovely! Obviously when it’s nearer 30 or a very humid day it can tire you out rather quickly and feel quite uncomfortable but I have to agree with an above poster, most of the year it’s cold and miserable so anyone who likes that weather should count themselves lucky, those of us who actually like the heat suffer most months feeling cold and miserable.

Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 15:19:16

Probably location dependent too?

Where I am we get high rain fall most of year. It can really wear you down after a while.
Still, like a pp said above, it’s the extremes.
I’d love it if we got longer mid-seasons. I love wearing a chunky knit with jeans. But usually I’m either baked alive or In waterproofs 😂

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Beatrixpotterspencil Sat 27-Jun-20 15:19:55

True, it is nice to venture out when not raining !

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cardibach Sat 27-Jun-20 15:22:14

To recap - I don’t hate this weather, i am confused why many (not all) people in the UK call it ‘beautiful’
I imagine it’ll be because they find it beautiful...
I’m confused as to why you’re confused. Can’t you understand that people have differing opinions?

GalesThisMorning Sat 27-Jun-20 15:22:34

I disagree! I'm not British but I find British heat waves such as we had last week entirely bearable and mainly lovely. The hottest it every got for us was 80 F. I come from a country where heat waves are 105+ with 90% humidity. That is unbearable.

Disclaimer: I live in the mountains and am never more than 5 minutes walk from a body of water or a woodland. My 150 year old house is built of stone and closely resembles a cave grin we sleep with duvets year round! Wales in a heatwave is ace. Shame about the other 363 days of the year....

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