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Anyone want to share their bathroom tiles to give me some inspo?

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DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Sat 27-Jun-20 14:13:03

I look on Pinterest etc and it's just So Much Grey.
Grey upon grey upon grey.

I need some inspo. And I know some MNers have some stunning kitchens so I reckon their bathrooms must be good too.

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DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Sat 27-Jun-20 21:04:59

Thanks! 😂😂

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blackfriars Sat 27-Jun-20 22:32:41

One grey I’m afraid, but the other is definitely green!

jgjgjgjgjg Sat 27-Jun-20 22:37:05

My advice is don't get tiles at all. You just need a small crack in the grouting and water gets in. Plus it takes ages to do. Get acrylic panels instead.

Wynston Sat 27-Jun-20 22:47:40

@blackfriars I love the 2nd pic with the roll top bath.
I would like something similar prehaps with balck and white tiles

sorryiasked Sat 27-Jun-20 22:54:37

We've got Laura Ashley cottonwood tiles in the shower and Paddington lustre tiles in the bathroom. Both white but with a contrast so more interesting and the lustre ones do a great job of bouncing the light around.

GlumyGloomer Sat 27-Jun-20 23:25:27

Ours came from tops tiles. We have Kamber on the walls and they are super shiny, I love them. Can't remember the name of the floor tiles but I got ones with moderate slip resistance and they're great.

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