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To ask if anyone noticed a positive difference when swapping baby to lacto free formula?

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Napqueen1234 Sat 27-Jun-20 13:20:15

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6m old EBF for 3 months, mixed fed for one now formula fed. Has always been fussy with feeding (breast and bottle) and upset after although gaining weight well. Shes always had green poos (more so since fully ff) and had bad baby acne and which has since come back recently and also terrible nappy rash. I don’t think it’s teething as she has 4 teeth and had very obvious teething symptoms before them (grizzly, bitey etc) and it didn’t affect her feeding or poos.

I don’t think she has CMPA as definitely doesn’t have pronounced symptoms or vomiting etc but I wonder if she is slightly intolerant to dairy. I have a fairly high dairy diet but when I was BF it wouldn’t have been as obvious at when just on ff I imagine. Has anyone tried swapping to the lacto free version and seen an improvement? She’s on SMA. I rang my GP who said they wouldn’t really investigate at the moment (or ever really) as her symptoms aren’t extreme which is completely fair enough and I could try giving her the non dairy one if I wanted to. I’m loathe to keep swapping formulas (she’s already on the comfort one as the regular one just made her scream and cry after) but wondered if it would help.


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dementedpixie Sat 27-Jun-20 14:09:52

Lactose is unlikely to be the issue as breastmilk is full of it. If dairy is an issue its more likely to be cows milk protein causing the issue than lactose which is the sugar in milk

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