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AIBU to ask you about using oil ...?

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Thinkingabout1t Fri 26-Jun-20 17:47:38

... when there have already been a dozen threads about coping with clothes moths? I saw one near our airing cupboard yesterday, after we had noticed small holes in some towels. We're now frantically cleaning everything. But one thing I haven't found out, after poring through years of Mumsnetters' advice (thanks, everyone), is what to put on shelves to deter moths.

Lavender oil? Cedar? Any other oil or non-toxic product? Or does it have to be something harsher? I'm sort of hoping it can be something like lavender. Also, we have a huge lavender bush -- has anyone had good results from putting dried lavender in with clothes?

Thanks for any advice!

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redwoodmazza Sat 27-Jun-20 10:44:14

We had these in my late parents' bungalow. My 'DM' refused to believe it as her eyesight was so bad. The carpet was infested all around the edges of the rooms and under furniture. The larva eat away at the wool and other natural fibres. When it was vacuumed, all the wool pile came up too leaving bare patches. It was awful.

My DM refused to have a professional company try and treat them. Eventually a few wooden cedar balls appeared here and there - so she obviously realised but wouldn't admit it. They made no difference.

When the bungalow was sold, we ripped up all the carpets and dumped them. I'm beginning to itch now, just remembering it...

Depends how bad yours are, OP. Hopefully you may have a man-made carpet? If not, I would recommend a professional treatment though. Good luck.

Thinkingabout1t Sat 27-Jun-20 19:11:13

Thanks, Redwood! I'm (desperately) hoping it's just in the airing cupboard at present. No sign of it in the carpet so far -- but now you mention it, I'll start looking for any signs of carpet damage just in case.

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