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To hate this heat lol

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Daisyxxchainxx Fri 26-Jun-20 16:50:16

I know some love the sun. I like autumn and spring. I just don't know how this heat is enjoyable. It just makes me feel yuck! I feel sick and don't want to eat lol. Hiding in the house after walking in it this morning to visit my dad. Could only stay 2 hours before I had to get the kids home and try and cool off.

Where are the storms lol

Typical British person here lol.

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HighOnStilts Fri 26-Jun-20 16:53:19

You're not alone. I used to love the sun and now I'm running around after a 12 week old I'm suddenly feeling super sensitive to the heat! Doesn't help that I'm slightly rounder than before I got pregnant and my thighs are rubbing like hell! Bring me the storms!!

AnnieMaul Fri 26-Jun-20 16:53:51

I prefer Autumn too.
The only thing I like about this weather is the satisfaction from an ice cold can of coke. Not fond of the stickiness and sweating!

ilovesooty Fri 26-Jun-20 16:55:11

I love this weather lol
There are other threads on this lol

missingmum Fri 26-Jun-20 16:55:29

Bloody hate it, lovely if your on holiday with no work, cooking, cleaning etc but I'm just miserable, sweaty and exhausted in this weather. Can't wait for tomorrow as it's meant to be cooler.

Daisyxxchainxx Fri 26-Jun-20 17:08:48

Exactly. I've done nothing in the house today otherwise I would have thrown up. It's absolutely awful. It's definitely horrible with kids to care for. I am hiding in the house until it rains lol. Can't wait to try sleep later 😂

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ilovesooty Fri 26-Jun-20 17:13:03

And there's a storm outside my window now.

I love this hot weather. Different people like different things.

Deelish75 Fri 26-Jun-20 17:18:22

Autumn is my favourite too. I don’t mind summer but I do find temperatures above 25 too much, I’m comfortable around 22-23.

We had a storm this morning (I’m in Kent) at about 5am, it was brilliant. Heavy rain, rumbles of thunder and few flashes of of lightening that lit up our bedroom and afterwards the gorgeous smell it left. I don’t think we’re forecast to have any more unfortunately.

Daisyxxchainxx Fri 26-Jun-20 17:21:30

I'd love a good storm.

Yes around 18-20 is nice for me.

I am fair skinned and my hair is a dark aurburn. So Im not really designed to be in sun lol.

I wish I did enjoy it. But it just makes me feel lousy

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