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Primary school teachers have you been told what year group you will be teaching in September?

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sarahmisss Fri 26-Jun-20 09:57:18

Have been told I am moving from year 2 to year 4

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donkeyoatey Fri 26-Jun-20 09:58:35

All staying the same at my school as we effectively only had half a year in this years year groups.

elliejjtiny Fri 26-Jun-20 10:00:18

Not a teacher but we got an email saying which teachers were teaching which year groups a few weeks ago.

sarahmisss Fri 26-Jun-20 10:02:08


How do you feel about that?

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elliejjtiny Fri 26-Jun-20 10:04:06

There has been a bit of shuffling about with some teachers (current year 2, year 3 and 1 reception class) moving up with their current class and the year 4 teacher moving down to teach year 2.

cheesecurdsandgravy Fri 26-Jun-20 10:09:27

@sarahmisss you might get more response in The Staffroom board in the education topic - this is a strange post for AIBU!

BertNErnie Fri 26-Jun-20 10:16:38

Yes we have all been told. Most people are in year groups they requested. We get the option to fill in preference forms and usually all are given their choices every year.

donkeyoatey Fri 26-Jun-20 10:16:47

I'm pleased, as I moved key stages at the start of this academic year and really feel I need another year to consolidate everything.

thebookeatinggirl Fri 26-Jun-20 10:17:45

We're all staying in the same year group except the Y5 and Y6 teachers who are swapping. Means Y5 teacher, who has lots of experience of Y6 is taking his class up, which I think is a great idea. The Y6 teacher had the current Y5s when they were in Y3, so knows them well.

The Y2 teacher has been teaching my Y1 bubbles, along with her HLTA (I have a shielding partner so have been working from home) so it's like they've had an extended transition. I'm worried about the new Y1s I'm inheriting from EYFS. We're working on plans to really extend continuous provision even more in Y1 to support their transition but will need to know more about what social-distancing will look like.

hippohector Fri 26-Jun-20 13:04:34

Hahahahaha nope!
We’ll probably get told the day before we break up as usual

WombatStewForTea Fri 26-Jun-20 13:08:43

Yep moving from Y6 to Y3 but expected to move as coming back from mat leave half way through the year

ChittyChittyBoomBoom Fri 26-Jun-20 13:10:48

Nope, we still don’t know! Getting told next week. There will be a lot if changes due to a few teachers moving on and certain year groups are going up/down to 2/3 classes due to fluctuations in numbers.

Roomba Fri 26-Jun-20 13:10:53

DS's school have tried to keep classes with the same teacher next year, where possible. Y5 and Y6 have swapped, as have YR and Y1. So current Y1 and Y4 will have different teachers next year, while everyone else keeps the same teacher as far as I can see.

BabyDubsEverywhere Fri 26-Jun-20 13:14:18

Could I ask a question about this? Disclaimer: I'm only a parent, not a teacher, but with no axe to grind, just genuinely curios!

I've always wondered how the year groups are assigned, and why? Is it to gain experience/keep up to date across all year groups, or are there more 'important' year groups to aim for another reason?

ArthurMorgan Fri 26-Jun-20 14:15:44

Not a teacher but the school have emailed and said the teachers year groups are staying the same

cabbageking Fri 26-Jun-20 14:22:58

All ours have been told where they will be but it depends on the situation if we are open or working in bubbles stills. They know nothing is set in stone.

spanieleyes Fri 26-Jun-20 14:24:47

Different schools will have different ways and reasons for moving teachers. Some like teachers to move every couple of years so they don't get stale ( or conversely so they never know what they are doing!) Some like to keep children with the same class teacher through the key stage, some provide opportunities for teachers to gain experience in different year groups to expand their skill sets or potential for promotion. Some like staff to stay with the same year group so they become specialists. All year groups are equally important but obviously those with external validation ( currently years R/1/2/4/6) are monitored more closely and MAY have the stronger teachers. Similarly, there are some teachers you just wouldn't let loose in some year groups because their teaching style just doesn't fit. But it is true that EYFS and Yr 6 teachers tend to specialise, just because you would have to force many other teachers kicking and screaming into eitherconfused

donkeyoatey Fri 26-Jun-20 15:15:34

To reply to Babydubs,
Lots of different reasons- which teachers are leaving/ teacher preference, and for their CPD it is good to have experience of different key stages. If more than one class per year group- which teachers work well together. Our head like to do a main switch around every 3 years, it can keep lessons fresh and up to date. Plus part time teachers hours to be considered etc.

bashcrashfall Fri 26-Jun-20 15:30:09

Year R and Year 6 tend to specialise. Otherwise it just depends eg. in my son's school an experienced teacher dropped down a year group as they started training the schools direct student and they obviously didn't want the student teaching in the SATS year.

At the infants its also about support staff - its really obvious that they try and pair a less experienced TA with a more experienced teacher and the other way around. They also put a more experienced teacher with a challenging class - my eldest's class was lovely, no behaviour problems but they had NQTs every year of infants as a result. They mixed the classes in juniors and next year have the deputy head - which also says a lot about the behaviour of the new class!

Hippymama Fri 26-Jun-20 16:16:50

I'm a parent and we were told this week which class our children will be in. We used to live in Scotland and the school there was very strange as children didn't find out their class teachers until they went to school on the first day of the new academic year and saw which teacher came to lead their class in from the playground! It caused a lot of anxiety amongst the children but "it has always been done like this". Even the P1 (Reception age) children didn't meet their class teacher until their first day ever of school. Lots of tears on the first day each year as they didn't have a familiar face teaching them 😔

Hibbetyhob Fri 26-Jun-20 16:26:15

Yes I’ve known since before half term.

Am moving from 4 to 1 but have done 1 before (& every other primary year group bar reception) so happy to go wherever!

Smellbellina Fri 26-Jun-20 16:31:32

Moving from 5 to R

OneForMeToo Fri 26-Jun-20 16:47:29

Not a teacher but I know the children are not finding out till next week and won’t know if their friends are with them as class lists cannot be given out. Teachers apart from FS tend to move most years and classes are mixed up every year as well by swapping 10-15 pupils out each year.

PumpkinPie2016 Fri 26-Jun-20 16:57:00

My son's school have said which class has which teacher. Their school seem to keep the teachers in the same year group.

I teach secondary and know which classes I will have next year now.

Yorkiee Fri 26-Jun-20 17:14:52

I'm in year 2 again! 3rd year 😅

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