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To go braless in the hot weather

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covilha Thu 25-Jun-20 17:42:16

Due to the heat and my age (heading onto menopause so sweating more and no longer quite as pert) I am getting really sore under my breasts, where the bra sits. I have been measured by different stores and so my bras are (probably) the correct fit, although not particularly comfortable. Does anyone have any advice on how to mange this? Not sure about going braless and wondered if anyone knew of any alternative please, which work for well endowed ladies? Thank you

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SchrodingersImmigrant Thu 25-Jun-20 17:45:00

Sports bra works for me. You can even get them bit padded if you want to.

covilha Thu 25-Jun-20 17:47:42

Thanks @SchrodingersImmigrant I tried these when I was younger- and more active. I was wondering though if the wider band would just exacerbate the situation. But I will certainly look into this and try it out

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seenbeensbean Thu 25-Jun-20 17:48:42

The Triumph bras don't cause this problem.

PoloNeckKnickers Thu 25-Jun-20 17:48:55

Surely having your knockers swinging about freely would make you more uncomfortable?

SchrodingersImmigrant Thu 25-Jun-20 17:49:41

Try some softer ones rather than hard rubber band. I am sure it would help at least a little. When I wear normal wired bra in this heat I too end up sore. Alternating them seems to do the job. I can't go bra less because FF and gravity don't mix well ime😂

Iwalkinmyclothing Thu 25-Jun-20 17:49:59

Ya NEVER bu to go braless if that is what you prefer and how you are most comfortable.

That said, seeing as you are a bit unsure, bralets? They seem to be a lot more supportive than I remember crop tops being.

bridgetreilly Thu 25-Jun-20 17:50:19

Unless your breasts are small, I'd think that going braless in the hot weather is more likely to result in chafing, tbh. I would look into getting cotton crop tops/bralettes. I'd also recommend using solid deodorant on any areas that rub.

LadyPrigsbottom Thu 25-Jun-20 17:50:22

I am going braless at home today, but was wearing one earlier. It is awfully hot! Any extra fabric can get lost today 🥵.

12frogsincoats Thu 25-Jun-20 17:50:54

Depends on your size! I have massive saggy boobs and would be so uncomfortable braless in hot weather due to underboob sweat.

loubieloo4 Thu 25-Jun-20 17:56:11

Roll on stick underneath the boobs and a soft bra

covilha Thu 25-Jun-20 18:11:40

Thanks- I will give the deoderatnt a try. I have been at home today so just worn a vest and shirt too @LadyPrigsbottom- its been a lot less painful, though sorry to hear @12frogsincoats that it cannot work for you. I am in a public facing role don't want to go bra free when at work. I will give bralets at go @Iwalkinmyclothing- and @bridgetreilly never tried them before. I used crop tops when I was younger but now gravity has had its pull I really don't think they will work anymore

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crimsonlake Thu 25-Jun-20 18:17:03

The less fabric worn in this heat the better, even the thought of a padded bra makes me sweat. That said I have been known to even go knickerless when it is hot...

PuppyMonkey Thu 25-Jun-20 18:20:34

Could the soreness be intertrigo? It’s a yeast infection caused by sweating, not necessarily the bra strap. I get it and use caneston hydrocortisone to clear it up.

I gave up wearing a bra for lockdown and it’s helped a great deal!

Samtsirch Thu 25-Jun-20 18:20:41

Extra absorbant talcum powder can also help, a light dusting after or instead of the deodorant.

covilha Thu 25-Jun-20 18:20:57

Good for you @crimsonlake- I must admit even the thought of having to bra-up again tomorrow is making me sweat!

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Spodge Thu 25-Jun-20 18:22:45

Sloggi does pretty good bralettes. They're not cheap, but they have removable pads that support and shape pretty well. I'm DD cup.

Samtsirch Thu 25-Jun-20 18:23:25

The past 2 days has made me yearn for the time when I could get away with a tiny strappy vest top, shorts and flip flops.😊

SchrodingersImmigrant Thu 25-Jun-20 18:23:38

You all need kaftans. God it's such a bliss. Bra (cause stickyyy), kaftan and voila. Best home clothes in heatwave.
Same for tops. Unless you wear uniform I can highly recommend wearing some airy oversized blouse thing.

Didiusfalco Thu 25-Jun-20 18:25:47

I don’t know if it going to be any good but I’ve ordered a flexifit crop top from M&S for this reason. I’m currently braless. Stripped bra off mid morning - no regrets!

LST Thu 25-Jun-20 18:26:50

I haven't worn a bra since March. In or out the house. Hot or cold. Therefore you are NBU

dottiedodah Thu 25-Jun-20 18:29:20

Well I dont wear a bra at all! Very wide shoulders/back make it very uncomfortable . Just a vest type thing and so comfy! You can also get them with a buit in bra sort of thing as well!

covilha Thu 25-Jun-20 18:32:17

Just been checking out the M and S site too @Didiusfalco- but an ad for Curvissa came up; theirs looked good and when I decided to leave the site (they were a bit pricey) a 25% discount offer appeared. Yep, @Samtsirch- I remember those days well and the annoying thing I don't think it was anywhere near as hot back then so I never had much opportunity to wear them unless abroad. My Mum bought me a kaftan years ago @SchrodingersImmigrant and it was both comfortable and beautiful but sadly I must wear a uniform tomorrow...*@LST*- hope you are enjoying the freedom!

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sillybean Thu 25-Jun-20 18:52:27

Oh deffo go braless - I almost always do this in this kind of weather.

Just make sure the fabric of your top is not so thin you can see your nipples. Otherwise enjoy the freedom!

covilha Thu 25-Jun-20 19:25:29

Yay! Great advice @sillybean. And thank you ladies for the 100% not being unreasonable vote. Your support in going and support it is very much appreciated 💐

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