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To be getting a bit addicted to exercise?!

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Atadaddicted Thu 25-Jun-20 12:04:08

Always loved to run and always loved yoga....

But this lockdown opened up world of videos focussing on strength training and every single morning of lockdown bar ONE I have done two workouts
Either run and yoga
Run and core work
HIIT and yoga
Strength training and yoga

This morning I didnt have a great night sleep hauled ass, did strength and then yoga and feel so good.
It’s the feeling afterwards I crave - that “done it!!”

Anyone else?

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MyChemicalRomancee Thu 25-Jun-20 12:05:39

But I’m loving the stealth boast grin

Atadaddicted Thu 25-Jun-20 12:08:21

Not boasting... addiction isn’t great. Addiction to anything.

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Connie222 Thu 25-Jun-20 12:10:33

I wish that was my problem.

I seem to be addicted to putting food in my mouth.

moveandmove Thu 25-Jun-20 12:16:19

I'm addicted too. I can't help it.

OliviaPopeRules Thu 25-Jun-20 12:16:56

Connie222 me too wink

Well done op, YANBU, i just wish I felt the same!

Atadaddicted Thu 25-Jun-20 12:19:27


Are you worried?

I am worried about how I will cope when I don’t have the time to do it

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letmethinkaboutitfornow Thu 25-Jun-20 12:19:50

I am just jealous! 😭😭😭
Miss my gym! (The only potential motivation for me to do any exercise) 😭😭😭

Oldestchild90s Thu 25-Jun-20 12:20:04

Best addiction you can have though.. right? Before i became pregnant (32 weeks and dying in this heat) i loved the gym, i loved to run and that amazing sense of achievement you get afterwards. The best bit for us was the fact we knew we worked really really hard in the week and would have a cheat meal/day at the weekend!

Enjoy it 💪🏻

Chaaaaaching Thu 25-Jun-20 12:20:50

I’m with @Connie222 grin

devildeepbluesea Thu 25-Jun-20 12:26:43

Me too. I've always been an exerciser, but lockdown has seen me increase massively.
I'm walking loads.
I've rehabilitated my bad back with yoga, which has enabled me to run again.
I'm doing Les Mills Bodypump every other day.
I'm holding Group Fight classes for friends every other day.
I've even bought a bike and am either biking or running 3 times a week too.

All this is good because I'm also eating like a horse. At least it means my weight has stayed the same. But I could do with losing 2 stone DESPITE all the bloody exercise.

The weather has been massive help though. I love getting out and about in the sun.

whogoncheckmeBoo Thu 25-Jun-20 12:28:09

There are worse things to be addicted to. Wish I felt same to be honest grin

OscarWildesCat Thu 25-Jun-20 12:29:38

I love the adrenaline rush from a work out but I don’t enjoy it and have to force myself. This post is surely a little bit boasty OP, a teeny bit?......

SurreyHillsGirl Thu 25-Jun-20 12:31:39

I have always trained and practised yoga but now I I'm working from home (and therefore saving on commuting time) I can fit longer sessions in. I train 4-5 times a week and some form of yoga everyday. I love exercise but don't consider myself 'addicted'.

You need to take a day off once a week though. Rest days are important to prevent injuries, and to allow for muscles and body to recover from training. It's counterproductive to train every single day.

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