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zoom - help!

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Tempjob Thu 25-Jun-20 08:24:33

Posting on AIBU for quick replies!!!

Could anyone help me with a question about Zoom? I'm running a big meeting today on Zoom for work. Logging into work's Zoom account, I can see that there is a message flagged up next to the meeting credentials, which says "denotes no password".

My question is, will people still be able to log in to the meeting? Do we actually need a password? I don't want to assign a password in case it changes the Zoom details I have already given to people.

The event has been advertised through Eventbrite so when people login to Eventbrite they are then taken to a clicky link directly to the Zoom meeting.

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Kazziek Thu 25-Jun-20 08:34:54

That just means your guests won't need a password when they log in. From my experience with Zoom, if a password is not set, you just go straight into the meeting. If you want to add a password, you can but you'll need to make sure everyone is given it. Also, for big meetings, make sure you mute all participants on entry otherwise it's a bloody cacophony of hallos!!

drspouse Thu 25-Jun-20 08:42:17

You can have a waiting room without a password, which is good if you don't want outside people getting on the meeting.

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