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AIBU to think that the newest release of restrictions could stop kids going back to school in Sept?

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Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 06:37:02

If we get enough spikes and a significant increase in infections by the end of August - entirely possible, if we look to the US and see what's happening there - won't the unions really try to prevent schools opening in September?

I don't believe the government really gives a toss about education, it's all about the economy - so I worry that, once again, the kids will be held back.

Am I overworrying?

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FirTree31 Thu 25-Jun-20 06:44:18

I don't think you're being U to be worried about this, I am too. We're being told positive news about schools possibly going back FT provided that the infection rate doesn't go up, while simultaneously opening up. But, I understand we have to get the economy going, and we do have SD practices in places for supermarkets / cinemas etc. so perhaps it will be okay. Its a worry because everything is balanced on a knife edge and I don't think we can afford another lockdown as a country.

BillywilliamV Thu 25-Jun-20 06:44:41

We wont be able to afford schools if we dont at least get part of the economy moving. The virus isn't going away, we have to start living with it, as opposed to hiding from it.
But there is a thread about this everytime the rules change, what do you think is the right thing to do OP?

UltimateWednesday Thu 25-Jun-20 06:46:44

I only know about my school, maybe teachers are more militant elsewhere, but the feeling where I work is that the unions have been unnecessarily difficult and teachers don't feel that the majority view is the one put forward by their representatives. Teachers are just as frustrated by their unions as they are by government ineptitude, or at least they are now. Initially they were glad of the union guidance, now, the feeling is that the school has done everything necessary/possible to be safe and we should just get on with it.

But it will be the figures, not the unions that prevent any reopening. Oh and the number of teachers who will be in self isolation having returned from pre-booked holidays on 31 Aug!

Playdoughbum Thu 25-Jun-20 06:47:45

If we get enough spikes and a significant increase SHOULD the schools be fully open?
Sick of the “unions stopping schools opening” rubbish.
Then you say the government- so who is stopping them being in school?

UltimateWednesday Thu 25-Jun-20 06:49:03

So far there's been doom and gloom at every relaxation/mass breach of the rules and it hasn't happened yet.

I am a bit concerned about all the new indoor mixing allowed, it will be very interesting to see how the pubs are managed and what the result of that is.

Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 07:11:47

@Playdoughbum - I wasn't suggesting the unions are wrong to protect the teachers if there is a huge surge, just that this will happen

I don't know what I think. Honestly. I completely accept that the economy has to open up, that there are catastrophic problems (already) if we don't.

Equally, IMO, the government has handled every chapter of the pandamic so badly, that I fear their arms-open-wide 'let's liberate you' strategy is worrying.

And yes, indoors mixing - that's a whole new transmission rate issue

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PumpkinPie2016 Thu 25-Jun-20 07:14:02

This isn't directed at you OP, but I agree with UltimateWednesday, every time a relaxation is announced there seems to be people in the media stirring up doom and gloom.

The last 3 days have seen cases fall to below 1000 (and quite a significant drop yesterday) after being fairly static around the 1000/1100 mark for ages. I take that as good news. There is still 1.5 weeks before things open up and it won't be a case of 'right, open now,in you come', restrictions will still be in place. Plus, if cases continue down, there are less people to spread it.

Obviously, if cases go up again then restrictions may need to tighten but for the moment,I am quite optimistic.

I am praying schools open as normal in September- kids need to get back to learning.

Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 07:16:06

Yes, they really do need to get back to learning.

The problem is I guess that no one knows shit. We're all in the same boat, waiting for some certainty and there really is none.

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ChewChewIsMySpiritAnimal Thu 25-Jun-20 07:27:41

So why expend so much energy worrying about it?

Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 07:47:21

@chewchew - how do you know how much energy I expend worrying?

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scaevola Thu 25-Jun-20 08:08:50

There quite a lot of planning going on for a difficult autumn/winter virus season. You could interpret that as either prudence or doom-monegering. But it's definitely happening, and there is no certainty that we have seen the back of the big outbreaks.

So I'd say enjoy the (hot) summer as much as you can.

Then at least you have recharged a bit before whatever the A/W brings.

nellodee Thu 25-Jun-20 08:16:35

You could be right, OP. I hope you're wrong and that the government have by good fortune hit on just the right combination of re-openings to keep the virus in check. But I just wanted to leave this here.

NeverTwerkNaked Thu 25-Jun-20 08:20:57

I think it is pretty telling that Oak National Academy is gearing up for another year

And a lot of local authorities have told their staff they will be WFH till 2021

Our school can't even take year 1 at present so I am bracing to have my children at home for a long time to come.

Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 08:25:30

@NeverTwerkNaked - really? Re: Oak National Academy?

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CarrieBlue Thu 25-Jun-20 08:27:03

Yes, they really do need to get back to learning.

My children haven’t stopped learning.

Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 08:33:59

@CarrieBlue - just to clarify: so have mine. I should have been more specific to avoid the smug replies - I meant, learning in schools.

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CarrieBlue Thu 25-Jun-20 08:52:19


*@CarrieBlue* - just to clarify: so have mine. I should have been more specific to avoid the smug replies - I meant, learning in schools.

No smugness - they don’t need to be in school to be learning, especially if being forced into a small enclosed space with 30+ other people with no social distancing. ‘The unions’ will try to make sure their members (and as an added bonus, our children) have a Place to work which is at least as safe as everyone else. Not ‘try to prevent schools opening’.

NeverTwerkNaked Thu 25-Jun-20 09:08:06


BogRollBOGOF Thu 25-Jun-20 09:24:35


*Yes, they really do need to get back to learning.*

My children haven’t stopped learning.

Thousands have.

My 7 yo and 9yo with SENs don't have the educational maturity to do much meaningful learning without their peers. Collaboration is widely used in school especially in the early years and all the way through because its one of the most powerful ways to learn.
We are still plodding on with several 1hr efforts a week and that's more than many. Thousands have not had the resources, time or inclination to even get started. More have run empty on motivation since (I went easy early on because attempting to replicate a school day would have burned us all out in weeks)

The number of children still learning effectively as if nothing has happened are in the minority. The longer this limps on for, the more polarisation occurs.

Anyway. Every single relaxation or large scale behaviour has so far failed to fulfill the predictions of the second wave, from Mother's Day, to VE Day, to driving to a beauty spot, to BLM protests. It's about 10 second waves that have not materialised.
Localised hot spots are still occuring and they are being managed effectively. I can see localised isolation of school bubbles or even whole schools as needed, but I see no great impediment to schools returning in September in a modified, but recognisably normal state.

HathorX Thu 25-Jun-20 09:42:24

I think it is completely expected there will be many local spikes and local lockdowns, as seen in Germany which has a) more effective track and trace, and b) lower infection rate from better management.

I hope we will see localised shut-downs rather than a full national outage again. There won't be much patience for another major lockdown; we simply cannot afford it.

I don't think it is "telling" that Oak National is gearing up for another year, it is simply very prudent and what thousands of parents will need if they are shielding children at home still, or if teaching staff is depleted by their own health concerns, or if there are local lockdowns. We need to equip the country to cope without simply sending all the children home en Massey, and if they ARE sent home in small groups, or kept at home to keep them healthy, there needs to be some mechanism in place to give them some form of education.

What would you have the government do, simply cancel Oak National Academy from 1 Septemver and blithely assume it will all be fine and no one will need home education? That would be irresponsible and everyone would rightly condemn them for it.

TrustTheGeneGenie Thu 25-Jun-20 09:47:15

Why would there be massive spikes though. We still can't get close to other households, we can go in their homes but have to distance.

The biggest "risk" really is schools and nurseries because you can't social distance there. Some kids have been in school since the start of the month and I've not heard reports of teachers dropping dead left right and centre.... So I'm gonna say it's probably not single handedly going to cause a second wave.

There have been people screaming "second wave!" Every time someghkngs been relaxed. Every. Single. Bank. Holiday. After ever protest. After every hot day.

It hasnt happened. And if it hasn't happened with apparently, much rule breaking, why would it happen now?

Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 12:31:44

Well, I guess there will be more spikes if people stop social distancing or go into people's households.

And, whilst I agree there haven't been any big spikes as a result of VE day etc...we haven't yet had all the pubs/shops etc open

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TrustTheGeneGenie Thu 25-Jun-20 12:40:18

But there will be distancing in the shops and pubs?

This is what I don't get on the one hand people think everyone's been breaking the rules from the start (and no spikes have happened) but yet a relaxation of the rules will create a spike.... Well how can it be both? It can't can It?

Sundiamond Thu 25-Jun-20 12:58:14

No, you've got it wrong.

I didn't say people had been breaking the rules from the start @TrustTheGeneGenie. I think a lot of people have been v responsible.

My concern is that the volume of activity, combined with the reduction in social distancing, will make a difference to spikes. There has been a significant increase in cases globally since loosening of restrictions elsewhere

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