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Is it gross to do this...?

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BlueSuedeStiletto Thu 25-Jun-20 01:23:29

Drink wine in bed.

DP and I are disagreeing. Is it gross to be drinking a glass of wine in the evening, decide to go to bed to read and take the wine with you?

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happymummy12345 Thu 25-Jun-20 01:28:07

No I don't think so. If dh and I are cold or tired or it's late we sometimes take our drinks up and sit in bed having a chat while drinking them or while we finish them.

Babesinthewud Thu 25-Jun-20 01:29:25

It’s not gross by my definition of the word gross. To me the only eat wine m, bed and gross would fit into the same sentence is if sat you said DH picked his nose and wiped it on wine glass!!

It’s perfectly normal and fine. Enjoy OP

Babesinthewud Thu 25-Jun-20 01:30:22

The only way wine, bed and gross I mean

avamiah Thu 25-Jun-20 01:36:35

No don’t be silly, your in your own home, minding your own business, do whatever makes you comfortable .
I had cheese on toast last night in bed watching Netflix’s with a can of gin n tonic .😮😮😮

FirstClassFlightHome Thu 25-Jun-20 01:47:46

I had cheese on toast last night in bed watching Netflix’s with a can of gin n tonic.

Oh, that sounds nice! Gonna suggest this to DH this evening. Vegan cheeze in our case.

1forAll74 Thu 25-Jun-20 01:49:01

I often have a wine in bed, and maybe a chicken and salad sandwich too. I am usually on my laptop, and with three cats sleeping on the end of my bed to make my bedroom scene complete,oh and a moth has just flown in too.

TimeWastingButFun Thu 25-Jun-20 01:52:46

It's not gross but inconvenient because of having to get up and brush your teeth. I'd probably fall asleep with it!

BoomBoomsCousin Thu 25-Jun-20 02:01:02

Why would it be gross to have any drink in bed?

BlueSuedeStiletto Thu 25-Jun-20 02:03:01

Yeah he HATES it if I eat in bed too 🤣

@TimeWastingButFun now this actually might be gross, but I don't often brush my teeth at night. I only brushed in the morning as a child and I guess it's stuck

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BlueSuedeStiletto Thu 25-Jun-20 02:04:14

@1forAll74 I'm enjoying the snapshot of your life. And I now REALLY want a chicken sandwich!

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avamiah Thu 25-Jun-20 02:08:22

Yes , especially at the weekend.

avamiah Thu 25-Jun-20 02:11:16

Yes me to, with mayo .

Alittleshortforaspacepooper Thu 25-Jun-20 02:13:51

I would also be worried about falling asleep and not brushing my teeth... but simply drinking wine in bed? Not gross at all. Did he say why it was gross? I don't get it

DoctorHildegardLanstrom Thu 25-Jun-20 02:18:46

I have a sunday night chat with some friends, we have three choices, either I go into the bedroom and do it with my wine, my partner goes into the bedroom to read a book with his wine, or we both stay in the lounge where he hears half a conversation and me laughing my head off.

notangelinajolie Thu 25-Jun-20 02:20:44

Not something I've ever done but not something I would be grossed out about. I may or may not have eaten chocolate in bed though

healththrowawayx Thu 25-Jun-20 02:22:48

I don't often brush my teeth at night.

Gross confirmed.

Your dentist must hate you

managedmis Thu 25-Jun-20 02:31:20

No it's fine

TehBewilderness Thu 25-Jun-20 02:34:33

Time for separate beds, perhaps? I would not want to sleep with a person who wanted to control what I eat and drink in bed.

WeirdAndPissedOff Thu 25-Jun-20 03:11:51

Eating in bed I can understand - each to their own, but due to crumbs I can see why someone wouldn't like it. But assuming you have enough co-ordination not to spill wine everywhere, I really can't see a problem with it!

DontStandSoClose Thu 25-Jun-20 03:17:44

I do it sometimes if I'm a bit tired bed but still need to unwind, I chill reading with my wine in bed. As long as you aren't falling asleep without brushing your teeth I can't see anything gross about it.

avamiah Thu 25-Jun-20 03:49:45

What’s the issue about falling asleep one night and not brushing your teeth ??
I don’t know about everybody else but before I get into bed at night I have had a shower/bath and brushed my teeth .
I then might decide that I’m hungry and go downstairs and grab some bread sticks and open a can of Diet Coke .

Josette77 Thu 25-Jun-20 03:57:51

Not brushing your teeth is the gross thing in this.

mamansnet Thu 25-Jun-20 04:03:38

I've just broken my foot and am largely bedbound, unless DH helps me get downstairs. If I wasn't also 8 months pregnant, I would be GUZZLING wine in bed.

It's absolutely fine, OP!

LellyMcKelly Thu 25-Jun-20 05:35:33

Oh no, it’s lovely. After a busy day, kids are in bed, the house is locked up and then off to bed for an episode of something not too demanding and a nice glass of wine. Perfect.

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