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To think even on a hot night it's absurd to sleep with no covering?

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Wed 24-Jun-20 23:06:19

Dh is snoring away, on top of the sheet we are using on the bed on this roasting night.

It's discombobulating. Clearly the man is a psychopath.

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AnneLovesGilbert Wed 24-Jun-20 23:07:35

We’re using a duvet cover. But while I’d usually agree with you, it’s like the inside of a fucking oven here tonight, despite 3 fans, so I can’t promise I’ll be under it.

Silenceisnotgolden Wed 24-Jun-20 23:08:03

You need to ltb. It’s just not normal or reasonable to leave onesself so exposed to the elements.

CurseryKinkajoo Wed 24-Jun-20 23:08:03

Absolutely, feet and legs must be covered at night always in case the monsters break down the firmly closed wardrobe door...

superram Wed 24-Jun-20 23:08:19

I just feel weird-I’d rather be hot, no idea why.

hotstepper4 Wed 24-Jun-20 23:08:39

Yes he's a psychopath.

I'm currently lying angrily under a duvet cover with no duvet in it, wondering how on earth one can sleep in this.

Love the days, hate the nights!

NothingIsWrong Wed 24-Jun-20 23:09:04

What? I often sleep naked with nothing over me. Is lovely in this weather. Am I not normal then?

Hollyhead Wed 24-Jun-20 23:09:09

Yeah he is putting himself at risk of being murdered.

megletthesecond Wed 24-Jun-20 23:09:36

I still have my winter duvet on. Monster and burglar protection.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Wed 24-Jun-20 23:09:52

He's just so fucking comfortable. That's what's bothering me the most.

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Wed 24-Jun-20 23:10:34


I'm afraid you may need to change your username after that declaration.

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Honeyroar Wed 24-Jun-20 23:11:05

Yes you have to have a sheet at the very least. It’s the law (otherwise as @CurseryKinkajoo said, the monsters get you).

HarryElephante Wed 24-Jun-20 23:11:08

I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

WinWinnieTheWay Wed 24-Jun-20 23:11:08

I am so hot, but I just couldn't sleep without my ghost/burglar/murderer proof duvet - I want to live!

Although at the moment sweating to death seems most likely potential cause of untimely demise.

InTheShadowOfTheMushroomCloud Wed 24-Jun-20 23:11:37

I am sat in my garden eating pizza and drinking cider...watching the stars. I will be sleeping under a sheet because if I don't, I will dream I am naked in a public place

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 24-Jun-20 23:11:48

He is unprotected from both monsters, and spiders. And you know what the spiders will do.....

Horehound Wed 24-Jun-20 23:11:56

I agree. I need something as a comfort!

TARSCOUT Wed 24-Jun-20 23:12:10

He never is!! I still have my 10 tog duvet on because I can't find my summer one and refuse to buy another. Yes I am sweating buckets however I will not sleep without any cover.....

hibbledobble Wed 24-Jun-20 23:12:10

I have a duvet and duvet cover. Going without any sheet is all kinds of wrong.

TheCanyon Wed 24-Jun-20 23:12:25

I'm Scottish so not so not here but I hate bones touching so th duvet is well for my need.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Wed 24-Jun-20 23:12:35

There is a slight bonus that I'm not getting the body heat from him under the sheet.

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Meredithgrey1 Wed 24-Jun-20 23:12:42

I have this same debate with DH. According to him, if you're going to have just the duvet cover with no duvet, you may as well have no covering at all. Madness.

romdowa Wed 24-Jun-20 23:12:59

I cant sleep without the weight of a duvet 😅😅😅 I just feel so exposed without one. Even when I lived in Australia, I had to use one.

SunflowerProsecco Wed 24-Jun-20 23:13:04

YANBU you need the protection from demons which is afforded by a sheet.

NooneElseIsSingingMySong Wed 24-Jun-20 23:13:48

I have one flat sheet (all others fitted) specifically for this purpose. DH is in the spare room, he is sleeping with nothing over him. Weirdo.

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