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To want to seriously complain.

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Daisyxxchainxx Wed 24-Jun-20 17:55:47

My mum is 68 and has had hip operations her whole life. Over the last 5-8 years she's started to slow down. She hasn't got out as easily and is doing much less. But she still goes shopping (before lockdown) with my dad and they would go for walks on flat areas.

She went to the shop just as lockdown had started. She felt a pain when she went down the steps in her thigh. For a few weeks she used rest and pain relief. But it got worse. So my dad took her to a&e. They did x-rays and scans over the next 2 weeks. Found nothing. Didn't advise her on anything but said her hips were ok. My mum felt they were focused purely on her hips. She tried to plod along but stayed in the house.

On Saturday she woke in the night. She was in agony and could not stand. They called an ambulance. Paramedics had no morphine so said what do you want us to do? My mum said well you tell me what I should be doing because I can't move. They eventually took her to hospital but said they won't be able to do anything but give her pain relief. They kept her in hospital for 12 hours. Didn't admit her as there were no rehabilitation beds free. X-ray again was "clear". So they sent her home. No pain relief. Told her to contact her gp. They told her the next day a commode would arrive and a physio therapist would go around to start building her up. I said I would get her a heat/ice belt for her leg. We figured it must be muscles or tendons etc.

I went around Sunday and Monday. My mum was still in pain. Gp gave her codiene. It wasnt touching the pain. The physio didn't turn up! She rang the next day to say she would be around one day this week at some point! So they didn't deliver a commode and my mum's been getting worse pain wise each day. Pain relief is making her feel sick.

I went around today to clean as my dad's also not as fit as he was anymore. Mum was still in bed. In pain. But chatty. I told her to come and sit in the living room. She slowly walked to the chair. I made her a coffee and propped pillows up behind her back. I went home and 2 hours later my dad calls. The hospital have rung and someone else has looked at her x-ray. They think there is a fracture high up near her hip.

She was taken by ambulance and is currently in the corridor waiting to be seen and on morphine.

I am no medical expert. But I'm disgusted at the the process. Ive been trying so hard to get to the bottom of it all this week. I've been reassuring my parents. I've been promising my dad she will get sorted. I've been researching. I've been baffled as to why they have left her with no answers and in pain. The support didn't turn up.

I am waiting to hear from her. But from what I've read this afternoon it is likely going to be a long road. Surgery. Months of pain. Possibly long term damage due to the fact it was missed for weeks.

My mum has a natural high pain threshold. She didn't feel pain in labour for example. She's usually serious when things get bad.

I just feel she has been failed massively and it's disheartening. To fight this hard for help is disgusting isnt it?

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slipperywhensparticus Wed 24-Jun-20 18:00:08

You should contact pals in the first instance they will blame covid and say it's a learning opportunity

OscarWildesCat Wed 24-Jun-20 18:05:16

Your poor Mum, my FiL has a similar experience years ago but was still working as a chef in a busy hotel on a broken hip which had been repeatedly batted off as, just wear and tear, fast forward 15 years and he suffers badly with it now. YANBU to want answers.

Daisyxxchainxx Wed 24-Jun-20 18:10:18

Its upsetting. You should not have to go through so much pain and worry. My dad is so worried. He told me he doesn't think she will ever recover now. I feel guilty that I encouraged her to walk today to the chair. But she has been going to the toilet anyway so has been walking on it. I feel so much neglect has happened. No it's not life threatening. But it's life limiting. She was starting to feel like there was no help and they upsets me too.

I will talk to her about it when she's on the mend (if she can get better) and I'll talk to her about a complaint. It shouldn't have happened should it.

Really sorry your fil went through it too. That must have been so painful.

I am also wondering if it's covid causing them to be so rubbish at resolving an issue that has been left half solved for 2 months plus

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kazillionaire Wed 24-Jun-20 18:24:07

My former mil was left in a corridor in her own faeces to die, her family complained and went right up the management chain. The hospital promised to implement a care pathway to stop this happening again, four years ago. It hasn't been implemented and it's still happening. Threaten to sue and you will get answers, her family wouldn't sue and got nowhere.

LochJessMonster Wed 24-Jun-20 18:29:30

Hip fractures are missed more than you would think.
I know of 3 people who’s hip/pelvis fracture was missed on X-rays.
Refer to Pals and go from there.

Daisyxxchainxx Wed 24-Jun-20 18:32:14

Thats disgusting. We sing praise to our NHS. There's no doubt they are amazing people. But sadly it's run on such limited resources it's putting lives at risk far too often. Knowing you can't easily get help for medical issues is really unsettling. Especially as my parents are getting older. We used to have a great local hospital. But they've shut a&e and they have got rid of maternity. Now we all have to go miles for help and it's horrible when you can drive like me. My son was in last year and I could not be with him for two days. My partner stayed with him though. I'm definitely going to complain if my mum won't. It's really worrying. She's not just an old women. She's a mum to four. She's a grandma to four little kids. I feel like they don't care because she's older.

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Bellesavage Wed 24-Jun-20 18:47:05

Not feeling pain in labour doesn't mean she had a high pain threshold it means she didn't experience much pain.

I'd complain but don't expect much to come of it i

coffeeandpyjamas Wed 24-Jun-20 18:59:43

Unfortunately this happens more that anyone would hope. My grandma had the same experience when she broke her hip 2 years ago. For a week they said it was fine until someone else spotted the fracture.

I had a similar experience with a chest X-ray when I went to A&E where I was told it was fine and that my severe chest pains were muscular. 3 days later someone else looked at it and realised I had a terrible chest infection in both lungs.

Unfortunately the NHS is extremely underfunded due to the past decade of Tory leadership and whilst we’ve all been encouraged to go out and clap for them, that won’t help a dire situation where staff are stretched and so many posts are not filled. The inevitable effect is a lack of thorough care for things that aren’t life threatening because doctors and nursery are running round trying to do their own jobs as well as fill empty roles at the same time. The same happens in GO surgeries. The system is broken and it’s sad because the people who work in the NHS really are heroes.

I’m sorry for what your mum has been through. Raise a complaint and don’t back down. If your complaint prevents this happening to one other person then it will be worth it.

Lockdownlooks Wed 24-Jun-20 19:12:16

I’m sorry this has happened. Yes complain in the first instance. If there is long term damage of the break not being spotted then you may be able to take legal action but that’s for the future. The same thing happened to me many years ago, for me it was carelessness by radiography and a junior doctor not being supervised.

Bibijayne Wed 24-Jun-20 19:13:24

Please complain. It isn't unusual for a fracture to be missed, which is why they're all reviewed.

(For context - I recently broke my ankle, but it was thought to just be a sprain at first, I was called a few days later to confirm the fracture and book me in for a review with the fractures clinic.)

What is awful is the unprofessional way she was left in pain.and spoken to. And the lack of promised follow up treatment. Chat to Pals.

Keepitup Wed 24-Jun-20 19:15:02

I'm sorry your Mum experienced that and the other posters. I'm curious, what makes someone in A&E pick up the xrays and re-examine them when the patient has been discharged? My Mum has been through a similar experience and has a displaced collar bone through a misdiagnosis, which makes it almost impossible to move that arm now.

Moreisnnogedag Wed 24-Jun-20 19:23:17

Almost all x-rays and scans are reviewed by a radiologist or reporting radiographer to pick up very subtle things that can be missed by non- experts. XRs ordered by orthopaedics aren’t however as we review them ourselves and it’s not a productive use of a radiologists time.

OP I’m sorry for what your mother has gone through. You mentioned a scan - what was that? As that’s usually done because a doctor believes the patient is in pain but can’t see anything causing it but orders specialist imaging to try and find an answer.

SuzetteCrepe Wed 24-Jun-20 19:24:45

Poor mum. Even if fractures can be missed I wonder why they looked at the xray again. Would it be harder to diagnose because she had hip operations before. I would speak to PALS to find out what went wrong. I hope mum is comfortable.

Daisyxxchainxx Wed 24-Jun-20 19:53:14

Thanks everyone. It isn't just pain in labour. She also didn't feel a hernia pain a few years ago before she was nearly at death's door. She definitely has an extremely high pain threshold.

I wonder why they don't have someone with experience check them before discharging people. They should never have sent her home Saturday. They waste so much time messing about rather than sorting someone out before sending them home. There must have been a bed somewhere for her. I've just been on the phone to my dad. He said he saw it all before with his own mum. They knew she was ill and medical professionals said it was all in their minds etc. She died on Christmas day 1986 aged just 60. Its sad to think my dad is seeing it happening again with my mum.

The thing is my mum has lived a life of pain and operations. She's never been able to ride a bike or do pe at school. She's already had a limited life and id hate this to make her life even worse.

My dad wants her to get a chair so they can enjoy how ever many years they have left.

I'm going to see the outcome and then i will definitely complain if mum won't. What is pals? Sorry if it's something obvious. Thanks.

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Daisyxxchainxx Wed 24-Jun-20 19:54:31

P.s I think they looked again today as the go has chased up the hospital seeing her sooner. They were on about a steroid injection in September (covid means it can't happen before) clearly now we know it isn't a steroid situation though. Another mistake!

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Daisyxxchainxx Wed 24-Jun-20 19:57:07

The CT scan was to look at her in closer detail. They did say something about an MRI but never bothered to sort one

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frumpety Wed 24-Jun-20 20:42:47

The problem is the history she will have given , telling them that she had been mobilising/resting/taking pain relief for weeks before seeking help. That isn't usual for someone with a new hip fracture.
The acute change from being able to mobilise with pain relief to not being able to weight bear and a dramtic increase in pain should have set alarm bells ringing which is why they probably did another scan. Which was reviewed by someone senior who spotted the fracture a few days later. Which is completely rubbish for your Mum but not as uncommon as people might think.
Hopefully now she will be seen by the Orthopedic team and they can do something for her flowers

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