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Do you think it's reasonable to ask cleaner to come back after 4 July?

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NanFlanders Tue 23-Jun-20 16:08:51

Hi folks. We have a great cleaner who we've employed for 12 years. We have been lucky enough to be able to work from home during lockdown, so obviously have paid her too. As distancing rules are being relaxed from 4 July so you can visit other households, do you think it's reasonable to suggest she returns to work from that date? She would have to use public transport to get here, but afaik has no underlying health conditions.

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Allywill Tue 23-Jun-20 16:17:24

Mine came back end of May with a few minor adjustments (I now provide all cleaning products so she is not moving stuff house to house, I keep out of room she’s working in, no drinks made etc) so I think July is absolutely fine.

ItsmineAllmine Tue 23-Jun-20 16:18:31

Of course it's fine.

Merryoldgoat Tue 23-Jun-20 16:19:50

Yes - mine has been willing to come back for a while but there are too many of us here so it’s too tricky atm.

If you can keep out of each other’s way go for it!

amijustparanoidorjuststoned Tue 23-Jun-20 16:20:15

Mine's coming back on 30 June, it's fine smile

Confrontayshunme Tue 23-Jun-20 16:22:28

Mine has been back for about 3 weeks. She takes precautions and we stay to one of the kids rooms or go out.

ellenpartridge Tue 23-Jun-20 16:30:52

Yes of course. They have been allowed back for ages.

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