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Not aibu, but how long did it take you to get to 5k and then 10k?

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thisenglishlife Mon 22-Jun-20 22:53:22

Runners, how many weeks/months/years did it take for you to go from couch to 5K... and then to 10K? (Not how fast does it take you to run 5K or 10K, but you can include that too!)

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MrsBlondie Mon 22-Jun-20 22:56:33

Build up gradually. Isn't couch to 5k 10 weeks? When you can run 5k add on each week. So 6k. Then 7k. Then back to 5k. Then 7k, 8k etc..
Good luck.

CMOTDibbler Mon 22-Jun-20 22:57:17

I did C25k back in 2013 after being a lifelong non runner. Did 5k after 10 weeks, and did 10k 6 weeks on from that. After another 10 weeks I did a half marathon

BabySleepTeacherUK Mon 22-Jun-20 23:00:33

Started C25K 6th April
Finished C25K 30th April
First 10km 3rd June
First non-stop 10km 9th July
First Half Marathon 22nd Sept


Dorkass Mon 22-Jun-20 23:02:03

I got to 5k in about 6 weeks from never running before. I never got to 10k because I was happy running 6 or 7.

Madre1972 Mon 22-Jun-20 23:02:38

I’ve just completed c25k, I’m very over weight, took me 6 weeks. I’ve lost 13kg and am now running approx 15k per week across 4 runs.

Sherlock02 Mon 22-Jun-20 23:04:05

I did couch to half marathon in 5 months. Never run before. Hard work and probably was a rash thing to do but it was for charity. Ideally I should have allowed about 8 months but I completed it. Will aim for a 5k or 10k next! Good luck if you are going to start running. I found joining a friendly run club helped.

Chocolate1984 Mon 22-Jun-20 23:08:19

I’m on week 4 of couch to 5k- 2x3min run, walking and 2x5min run. I’m really struggling to run 5 minutes despite the walking break. Is that normal? Should I repeat the week ? I assumed the gradual increase would be manageable.

snowybean Mon 22-Jun-20 23:08:50

It took me about 2 months to get to 5km. I happily ran that distance for a while, and then ran 12km one sunny morning.

2nd Jan: 12km
10th Jan: 10 miles
Mid-feb: Two (slow) half marathons
August: Marathon
October: Ultramarathon, then half marathon
... nothing since 🤣

edwinbear Mon 22-Jun-20 23:13:08

I started running 6 weeks ago and did 6km on Friday. I’d planned to try for 5km but was feeling good so just carried on. I’m running 4-5 times a week at the moment.

FrangipaniBlue Mon 22-Jun-20 23:13:30

None runner to 5k in about 4 weeks.

Up to 10k in another 6 weeks.

Ran 10k for a loooooong time then upped to half marathon in around 6 weeks.

5k - 9:30min/mile
10k - 10min/mile
20k - 10:30min/mile

thisenglishlife Tue 23-Jun-20 20:45:33

You all seem to have got to it pretty quickly!

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FrangipaniBlue Tue 23-Jun-20 21:33:40

I think it depends how fit you are already, I'd already lost 2 stone and being doing spinning classes and kettlebell classes before I started running.

If I'd took up running from the beginning I'd have had to take it a lot slower!!

mindutopia Tue 23-Jun-20 21:41:18

To 5K probably about 3 months. I certainly ran a 10K within about 6 months. And then I did my first half-marathon maybe 3 months after that.

Misskittyfantastico85 Tue 23-Jun-20 21:53:56

I did the c25k in the amount of weeks it suggested (which I think is 9) then I followed bupa 10 mile plan which is 12 weeks and I think the 10km was on week 6 or 7.

BIWI Tue 23-Jun-20 22:02:54

The C25K is a nine week programme, but you can do it a little bit quicker - it's three runs a week, with a day's rest in between, so generally I think people do Mon/Weds/Fri, and then the same the next week. But if you were to do Mon/Weds/Fri in week one, then Sun/Tues/Thurs in week 2 and Sat/Mon/Weds in week 3 (and so on) - i.e. not taking two days off at the weekend, you can get through it more quickly.

I last did it in 2013, but never extended my running beyond 5K!

I'm back doing it now, and am just about to finish week 7. Still have no inclination to go more than 5K!

peanutbutterandfluff Tue 23-Jun-20 22:19:47

I was a runner previously but not in 10 years. But before starting I was fairly slim and walked a lot (like 20-30 miles every weekend) plus fairly physical job. 2 weeks to 5K and 5 weeks to 10K

wineandsunshine Tue 23-Jun-20 22:23:42

God I'm awful - I've had to repeat week 6 three times from c25k! I can't imagine running 5k without stopping to walk!

Poetryinaction Tue 23-Jun-20 22:25:09

My first run is 5k. Add 1k each week, so by week 6 can do 10k.

Coulddowithanap Wed 24-Jun-20 08:31:54

I was running 4k to 6k several times a week for around a month, then did a 10k. I'm not a quick runner, I really want to get quicker so gone back to shorter runs

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