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Aibu for thinking her boss doesn’t care about her

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Mumsnestgolden Mon 22-Jun-20 21:19:03

My friend is of sick at the moment with mental health concerns. Friend, I mean neighbour.

She’s being made redundant from her job which is due to her not liking her boss. We used to work together, I was glad I got out. He’s not nasty he’s just stuck in the 1980s (when he and the rest of the team joined the company).

Anyway her boss is working on another project so she has a new intern boss. He left a voicemail saying “hope you are ok and your occupational health appointment is this Friday”. She already knew it was. She sent a sms back (She tried to call but he was in a meeting) saying “calling to check that you were ok and to confirm the appointment”.

Now she’s thinking that he actually does care - I feel bad for wanting to pointing it out that he’s making her redundant and doesn’t care.

AIBU for thinking my friend/colleague/neighbours boss wasn’t making a wellness check?

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Mumsnestgolden Mon 22-Jun-20 21:21:01

Sorry I meant to write ‘he* sent an sms back”.

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