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To think bad of people that work in slaughterhouses??

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RiverMeadow Mon 22-Jun-20 20:31:14

I was reading something earlier and it got me thinking about the members of staff who actually work in slaughterhouses and who see these things first hand.

Regardless of whether you eat meat or not we're all still human and I'd assume it's a job that's a very hard one emotionally... or am I wrong?? Do the colleagues just look at it like a job and not physically killing animals? It would break my heart 😭

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JesusInTheCabbageVan Mon 22-Jun-20 20:33:21

Apparently it's quite common for slaughterhouse workers to develop PTSD.

whiplashy Mon 22-Jun-20 20:33:52


Laaalaaaa Mon 22-Jun-20 20:34:14

Would you judge them for being unemployed living off benefits?

Heko Mon 22-Jun-20 20:34:15

You just get used to it. No different to cutting open a body in a mortuary or killing a fly or spider.

ComDummings Mon 22-Jun-20 20:34:21

Yes it must be a very difficult job to do.

ghostyslovesheets Mon 22-Jun-20 20:35:03

YABU to think badly of them - they are just working

Thisisworsethananticpated Mon 22-Jun-20 20:36:47

Isn’t it lovely that you have the choice to eat meat and not see how it ends up on your

ilovesooty Mon 22-Jun-20 20:38:15

It's a job. Not one I'd be very keen to do, but it earns people a living and I can't judge that.

Nottherealslimshady Mon 22-Jun-20 20:38:55

Unless you eat meat, then you're just a hypocrite.

elessar Mon 22-Jun-20 20:39:17

Um yes YABU.

If they actively enjoy the killing, or intentionally add to the suffering and fear of the animals then of course they're bad people.

But I don't think that is likely true of most people who work there. If anything I would say being strong enough to work in that environment and do your best to keep suffering to a minimum is a very compassionate thing to do.

Kahiki Mon 22-Jun-20 20:39:47

Yes! What bad people working to earn money to take care of their families!!

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 22-Jun-20 20:39:50

It is largely monotonous and functional. They are part of a production line with a very individual job. Slaughterhouses are often in areas of high unemployment or where other employment opportunities are limited.

Purpleartichoke Mon 22-Jun-20 20:40:09

I’m not going to judge someone for doing an important job that I do not want to do and have been lucky enough in life to not have to consider.

hibbledobble Mon 22-Jun-20 20:40:53

I think yabu if you eat meat. You are just as involved in the process.

I think those who work in abbatoirs must be very desperate. It must be a horrific job, and I would never do it. I don't eat meat though, so am not being hypocritical.

UnhappyMondays Mon 22-Jun-20 20:41:27

YABU to think bad of them. I feel bad for them. If that’s the only job available and you need a job then I guess that’s mainly how the roles are filled.

In a nearby city there is a large chicken “factory” and the tales I’ve heard are awful. Surely no one would choose that. (Not including trained butchers in this sweeping generalisation, more a low skilled “mechanised”, high volume environment).

CalamityJoan Mon 22-Jun-20 20:43:19

If you eat meat then YABU.

HoldMyLobster Mon 22-Jun-20 20:43:53

Where I live almost all the people working in the slaughterhouses and meat processing plants are immigrants, many refugees. They don't qualify for benefits, and they need jobs to feed themselves and their families.

UnhappyMondays Mon 22-Jun-20 20:44:24

Obviously it’s awful for the animals mainly! I don’t buy supermarket chicken as a result; it’s barbaric 😢

RiverMeadow Mon 22-Jun-20 20:44:53

I probably worded it wrong. I don't think badly of them just badly for them sorry. Also wondering how someone could physically do a job like that and why they would want to?

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MissBaskinIfYoureNasty Mon 22-Jun-20 20:45:07

YABU to judge if you're willing to eat meat. Even if you don't eat it you're unreasonable to judge someone doing a job to earn money. You're unreasonable to dress up your judgement as faux concern.

PersonaNonGarter Mon 22-Jun-20 20:46:06

It is a job and one they can do well/quickly/neatly and be proud of.

It wouldn’t be for everybody, but then what would?

HoldMyLobster Mon 22-Jun-20 20:46:13

Also wondering how someone could physically do a job like that and why they would want to?

Lots of suggestions above.

RiverMeadow Mon 22-Jun-20 20:46:24

For the record I do not eat meat!

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Sunnydayshereatlast Mon 22-Jun-20 20:47:28

There are some very moving stories of slaughtermem who give it up and their reasons why online..

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