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That it's a bit rubbish that ID mobile have closed all methods of communication

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DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 22-Jun-20 08:56:55

I need to upgrade. I want to talk to them about the deal to see if they'd match it rather than lose our custom. And I have to ring them I think to ask for the PAC code if I am leaving them to go to another network and keep the number on the phone(s - I'm doing both of DDs phones).

But they have no live chat.
No one will answer on their call centre.
And they don't seem to give a direct email address that we can contact either.

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DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 22-Jun-20 09:30:42 chat is now working.
And I can get the PAC code online.

But it would have been nice to actually speak to someone about it.

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