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To see a GP about this?

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ChaoticGouda Mon 22-Jun-20 03:50:34

So I've had issues with anxiety for years. Can normally cope just fine, with the occasional lapse into month-long severity which brings any positive progress to a halt (losing weight, taking better care of myself) and forces me into short-term CBT.

I mostly deal with the mental side of it okay, the negative thoughts and avoidance, the over-explaining/over-apologising for things, the underlying fear of death. But over the past two weeks I've been having issues with my breathing. It's this horrible sensation, like someone has their hand around my neck and is slowly constricting... Like there's this immovable weight, akin to a particularly grumpy cat, pressing right down on my breastbone. It honestly feel like I can't get enough air unless I'm literally gulping it in, and even half of that doesn't relieve the tightness in my lungs!

As you can imagine, the feeling of slowly running out of air is bloody scary. It's brought me to tears and panic a few times as it is, the really fun kind where you're blubbering into your hands uncontrollably and anything that any well-meaning person tries to say to you is lost in a buzzing haze of panic.

The real kicker is that, provided I'm keeping myself occupied, I'm completely fine! It's only when I'm left alone to my thoughts that the feeling begins again. Basically, it's all in my head.

So there are currently two schools running through my head. The first: It's all mental, you're not in any danger, if you keep yourself distracted then you'll be fine. Calling for an appointment would take a valuable time slot away from someone who might actually be in danger from something, and they might just send you home after teaching you breathing techniques or some other shite you could find online yourself.

The second: This could be a sign from your body, telling you that something is wrong and that you need help. If it gets worse it might be too late to get help, and there's a chance it could be another condition that would be found too late to stop, and you will die. Horribly.

I know this all probably sounds crazy, but it can be really hard to tell when I'm being rational, or when I'm just creating obstacles for myself to avoid confronting something that scares me (phone calls, doctors). What do you think I should do?

YABU = It's fine, you can handle it yourself/You're overreacting
YANBU = Go and see a doctor, you ninny!

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Coldilox Mon 22-Jun-20 04:05:34

It sounds to me like a panic attack. I get them sometimes. I have been prescribed propranalol, I just take one if I feel an attack coming on, they really do help.

JoyFreeCake Mon 22-Jun-20 04:12:40

School 3: it's mental/psychological, and you would benefit from and deserve help with that.

Browzingss Mon 22-Jun-20 04:14:22

Speak to your GP. Many things could be the cause, ranging from your anxiety to even coronavirus (can cause breathing difficulties/shortness of breath)

Needtolovemyself Mon 22-Jun-20 04:26:25


Speak to your GP. Many things could be the cause, ranging from your anxiety to even coronavirus (can cause breathing difficulties/shortness of breath)

Exactly what I was going to say. You shouldn’t feel you can’t get help Because this is potentially anxiety.

Rumbletumbleinmytummy Mon 22-Jun-20 04:35:56

It sounds like panic from anxiety. You do not need to cope with this alone. Please contact the Dr this morning, there are medications that can help you.

Please feel you are worthy enough to get help with this.

DaisyArtichoke7 Mon 22-Jun-20 06:37:39

I found Self Help for your Nerves by Claire Weekes massively helpful. It clearly explains the physical sensations of anxiety and how to move past them.

Dita73 Mon 22-Jun-20 06:58:24

I’m certain this is anxiety but I think you should see the doctor. Not because it could be serious but because the doctor can reassure you that it’s a common symptom of anxiety and panic. If you don’t,the next time it happens you will wonder again what it could be and it will make it worse. If the doctor has confirmed it’s anxiety it will help you control it. It might not even happen again. Best wishes to you flowers

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