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To worry about transport and tourism?

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Beatrixpotterspencil Sun 21-Jun-20 21:59:54

I live in a tourist hotspot in lakes.
Don’t drive, so use buses and trains occasionally.

So inhale this concern - if tourism and self catering begin in early July (let’s hope they do as local economy is in trouble), I imagine there’ll be a large influx of visitors coming in and out via public transport as well as vehicles.

Now, they’re saying they’re only running at 25% capacity.
I’m reading that buses and trains are high risk areas, even now (?)
So if tourists begin to use them, and the transport are not increasing capacity, won’t it just be utterly bonkers?

How will that pan out?
I’m a bit worried about this for obvious reasons, would not like to spend 4 hours trying to get shopping in Via bus, but my local shops are super tiny and will possibly be crammed.

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Beatrixpotterspencil Sun 21-Jun-20 22:00:21

I have this concern, not inhale 😁

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