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To state that this is THE best cat bed EVER ! (pic)

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CheshireDing Sun 21-Jun-20 16:40:40

Alfie Cat (aged approx 19 years but unconfirmed as he was a rescue kitty) with minimal teeth left absolutely loves it.

We have tried many beds over the years and he has never liked any of them.

Bought this Cat Hammock and it is a revelation for him smile

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StatisticallyChallenged Sun 21-Jun-20 16:43:43

Mine love a hammock - they have wall and post mounted ones as they're maine coons so very very heavy

Pericombobulations Sun 21-Jun-20 16:43:47

Thats fab! Where did it come from? Wonder if Pericat would like it?

Is it floor standing or fixed to a wall?

Want2beme Sun 21-Jun-20 16:43:50

That's great! He looks very proud. You've served him well grin

PumpkinP Sun 21-Jun-20 16:49:09

Oh I like this where’s it from??

CheshireDing Sun 21-Jun-20 16:53:09

Just off Amazon.

It sticks to the glass with suckers (so has 2 cables that don’t really show in the photo) but don’t seem to be bothering Alfie Cat in his south facing spot grin

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Amibannedorwhat Sun 21-Jun-20 17:08:07

He’s a beautiful cat! 🐈

ShinyMe Sun 21-Jun-20 17:33:12

My cat has a radiator hammock, which he thinks is the best thing ever in winter when the heating's on.

SlatternIsMyMiddleName Sun 21-Jun-20 17:33:21

Alfie Cat landed on his paws 19 years ago. He’s lovely.

SirSamuelVimesBlackboardMonito Sun 21-Jun-20 17:34:03

Err... Your cat is levitating.

Thought you ought to know.

BabyStarling Sun 21-Jun-20 17:46:06

Looks like a magic carpet to me!

LongPauseNoReply Sun 21-Jun-20 17:50:19

We’ve got radiator ones too. There’s usually a fight over the one in my office grin

Want2beme Sun 21-Jun-20 17:53:50

Mine aren't interested in the radiator beds☹

Pericombobulations Sun 21-Jun-20 17:54:54

Ooooh decisions now for Pericat - radiator bed or hammock. And I bet whichever we decide he will prefer the box!

BikeRunSki Sun 21-Jun-20 17:57:03

My cat only wants to sleep exactly where I am sitting. Wherever that may be.

janj2301 Sun 21-Jun-20 18:05:22

My FB avatar is my cat in her radiator tunnel, as soon as the heat goes on in winter she's in there, doesn't bother with it in the summer

JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 21-Jun-20 18:19:59

@janj2301 if I could find one of those big enough for a lurcher... I'd probably never see her again grin

HeckyPeck Sun 21-Jun-20 18:36:16


HeckyCat is now insisting on one.

How sturdy is it? I worry that the suckers would come unstuck and HeckyCat would plummet to the floor and then never speak to me again.

ProperVexed Sun 21-Jun-20 18:55:05

@janj2301 That photo is fabulous! I must get one for my Horatio.

SierraOscar Sun 21-Jun-20 19:07:00


Just off Amazon.

It sticks to the glass with suckers (so has 2 cables that don’t really show in the photo) but don’t seem to be bothering Alfie Cat in his south facing spot grin

Another person asking how sturdy it is. My boy cat is rather errm fat plump. I can see him plummeting to the ground or cracking the window.

Marylou62 Sun 21-Jun-20 19:17:45

Just cracked up with that picture jan and cracked up some more imagining an average lurcher in one!!??

MissConductUS Sun 21-Jun-20 21:51:27

I have one just like that with the suction cups that attach to the window. It's very popular on sunny days. 😊

Being up off the floor makes them feel safe.

PotholeParadise Sun 21-Jun-20 22:58:03

Hang on. Your cat is in the cat bed you bought for him, rather than the box?

What witchcraft is this?

GalaxyAddict Sun 21-Jun-20 23:22:39

Please share the link, I can't see this on Amazon

QueenCT Sun 21-Jun-20 23:26:21

Mine has one of these marshmallow beds which he ignored for 3 months. Now I suspect he's actually morphing so the bed will become his shell... 28c and he will be curled up in it sweating confused

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