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Feel like giving up on them

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TweetUsOnFacebook Sun 21-Jun-20 15:49:29

Just because they're blood relatives it doesn't mean you have to have a meaningful relationship with them. You could go no contact but it's less awkward to go low contact. Send birthday and xmas cards and see them at family events only. Concentrate on your marriage and the friendships that make you feel happy.

Serawynn Sun 21-Jun-20 15:10:28

Have been married for a few years now to my second husband a lovely man and we are happy. I have a few sisters and to be honest never been close but lately I think I need to find a way to cope with just being civil to them whilst at my parents house. None of them visit my house, one never been, one not for nine years another one infrequently and so on. I was married to an abusive partner prior and the one who has never visited actually goes to his house to see him and his new partner. My second husband doesn't even feel part of the family in any way. I just feel like moving away and giving up on them all

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